So Many Choices, Price Points, Quality, Lights and Pricing

I’ve been reading for several days now; and just about the time i decide on something (either a tent or light, for the most part) I see recommendations at low price points, considering gorilla, and then I see lights that are 129, then one for $599. I don’t want to underbuy and think i should have just bought (brand and pricepoint) to start instead of having to buy the “right one” the 2nd time.

I’ve been thinking the whole time the tent should be 4x4; I believe I want LED lights too. I’m just growing for myself, and thinking i’ll start with 2; but would at most grow 4. How do you grow, meaning, you have to have plants in one tent all at the same stage of growth? So you can only start a new plant(s) when the current plant is completed?

The dilemma is real.

You make a purchase and less than 5 minutes later you see something else almost as good
for a few bucks less. It can be enough to drive a person insane,

Just make intelligent purchases that will accomplish your immediate goals.
The tent don’t matter, most are so similar that if you by a Viviosun or a MarsHydro the chances are that the only thing different on them is the tag name.

Focus on HLG, chilLED, Agromax, Grow Light Science for your lighting needs.
MarsHydro makes a quality tent for a reasonable price.
Soil and Fertilizers stick to ProMix, Fox farms, Jacks or Dutch masters, (I use the FF lineup of soil and Organic fertz).

I was unemployed when I started growing due to Covid ruining the company I was working for, so I was very budget conscious when buying my equipment.

If you’re going to spend money on something make it your lights. If I had it to do over again and I had a job, I would have bought HLG lights. What I settled on were kingbrites off Alibaba. Except for the red diodes they use the same components as HLG, though HLG guarantees they only use “top bin” Samsung 301h diodes, where Kingbrite says they just use Samsung 301h diodes.

My lights are great, my yields are plentiful, and my weed potent. I’m very happy with what I got, but I still wonder if it would be better if I had gone with a higher cost option.

Keep in mind I did a lot of research before picking Kingbrite, there are a lot of off brand lights out there, this specific one has been vetted by members of this board and other reputable sources.

@PhillyRock you mentioned MarsHydro I noticed they had a tent kit (including light and other things needed) with a price point of $550; would this be a good option, so I don’t have to make separate decision for each thing i need?

Unfortunately the fan and exhaust within those kits aren’t the best.
You could piece meal your tent together by buying the grow light first, soil and fertz second and fan exhaust last, You can begin growing in a closet or a cabinet, garage or shed, you don’t
really need a tent in the beginning.

What makes or breaks a grow is the light. I would hate to see you buy the kit and be disappointed with the final result. Light and airy buds, low yields, slow and thin plant growth etc etc.

Do what is best for your situation currently. I started growing in the top of my closet with mylar taped to the walls and a brushless CPU fan for exhaust. Also, don’t over look Spider Farmer LED’s. They are a good bang for your buck and you haven’t bought anything you’ll
regret later.

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If you’re only growing for yourself i would consider a 3x3. You can set 3x3 up complete nicely for the cost of decent led light designed for 4x4.

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