So just for fun

So after I harvested my first plant it had two small (approx. 2/3") branches I guess you could call them on it that I had not trimmed, I decided to make it completely bare and take those two little snags and see if I could clone them. I put them in a peat moss puck and added a little rooting hormone, checked them out yesterday and both of them have sprouted roots. It’s really cool how hardy these plants are. The second one actually was a little bud. Do you guys think these will survive or actually grow? The bud one was actually a branch off of a branch. If nothing else I will just put them on my porch or keep them as house plants. It took them about a week to root though, in a peat moss puck, and in a humidity dome.

That should work. IN the past I have taken under canopy stems and placed them in a soil pot and kept them noist. I successfully rooted them and got a few clones.

Yesterday I had food poisoning I believe…I wasn’t able to do anything but this morning after feeling better I went and checked on them and the one in the first picture is touching the top of my humidity dome…I could have sworn there was like an inch of space a few days ago. I have been doing some experiments though. It’s cool to see how fast they grow. My main plant is almost as tall as it’s mother now. I’m excited though because ones the shoots on my main plant get big enough I should have around a dozen clones.

I know it’s amazing, I was talking to my best friend just the other day on how fast these plants are growing every day I go in the groe room and maan…WOW Just over night SWEEEEET !


So today both of my cutting seems still really droopy, I cut one at about the mid way node and placed it in soil inside of a humidity dome along with my other two non hydro clones…I am sort of experimenting to see if the ‘hydro’ or peat will root first under similar circumstances.