So it begins outdoor season 2018 is here


72 seeds germinated…
98.5% germination rate ( tried new heat mat mini greenhouse…worth every penny)
Blue cheese
Gold leaf
Sour diesel
Critical kush
Kushy kush



Sorry for not tagging all of you guys…hope u find it :grinning:


Full time job right there @Ragnar
I’m following along… this is gonna be good!


I just set it to “Watching”. Was hoping you’d start a journal.


Thanks guys for the patience, I had a lot of going on these past few months.
Beside the seedlings, I am also getting a few Royal medic clones ( 1:1 cbd thc) and acdc clones ( 18:1 cbd thc )
You really want to grow cbd strains from clones from verified source, seeds are just not reliable with the ratios…

More to come :grinning:


Holy crap how awesome :clap:t2:


Nice, set to watching


I’m set to tracking so I don’t miss anything! @Ragnar


Wow! is all i can say. I’ve got like 25 left to go out and its been like a full time job.


Yeah you know I’m in


Holly cow @Ragnar
Woohoo cant wait to follow this thread
Wish i could have that many going
Nice Job


Thanks for the tag be following for sure that is a nice variety and I envy you being able to grow outdoors .


Yeah, I know we have 2 great properties in North California…I will split the grow to many sites…still snowing at our house :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat: