So it begins first indoor hydro grow

Two weeks onward and where are my budz they better be happenining soon only have 34cm or so headroom left on the light without resorting to some adhoc adjustments.!

They have really grown some, hope they slow down a bit and start budding up a more, some furs there but nothing solid yet.

Got the good PH down 73% phospheric acid and a few doses of that and the PH is now finally down to about 6 or so where it should be, if you’re using citric acid I suggest you throw that away.


You gotta move light to 18" above canopy.

Remove the wire thing that came with lights for a hanger and use the rope hanger clipped to 2 corners instead.




Thanks for the picture I was wondering how I would be able to hang the light for more headroom and this seems the best solution.

I know I had my light too low, though I was doing that to try and hold back the stretch, hopefully I should have enough room now. :slight_smile:


Looks excellent !!

I tried same thing but not to that extent. I had mine at 10"…

The plants won lmao. Had to super crop them for space.


Time for my weekly update…

Still wanting to see more bud action these girls seem to be in no hurry. :frowning:

Got the PPM up to 1200+ and feeding them 15mls of A + 15mls of B Flores nearly every day and a weekly 20ml dose of PK 13/14 along along with 3 litres of filtered water per tote.

So here is picture of the grow and a closer shot of a Critical Mass baby bud which seems to be at least looking like something.


Looking good, brother :+1: :v:

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Here is my grow journal…

It’s update day, all comments welcome.

Got the PPM up to around 1350 and feeding them daily with 10mls of flores A + 10mls of B or 20mls of PK 13/14 along with 3.5 litres of filtered water per tote and a couple of mls of PH down, water here is PH 8. This is keeping them at that 1350 PPM and the PH at just under 6.

Also measured my tent and it’s metric 1.5 x 1.5 x 2 metres so a inch under 5x5 feet and 6 foot 6 inches high. :face_with_monocle:

So on with the pictures, light is going to go close to the roof :upside_down_face:

Snap shot with the tent door open of the entire grow have my back against the wall for that and a shot of a bud in progress.



Here is my grow journal…

Additionally I have never gasp done a nutrient drain and change, just change my daily mix as needed, check the PH, PPM and root condition and as I’m adding H2O2 twice a week everthing is lookin good so far, basically doing a totally sterile grow.

If anything starts looking wrong then I can and will do a change though thus far it’s all looking the goods.

Yea neither have I but I’m organic so i can get away with it lol but I usually run 1/4 extra water through at beginning of flower to clear up any gunk from the roots . Watching to see how you finish up.

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Looking nice! Coming along well man.

What light is that? (If you mentioned it sorry, i must have missed!)

I didn’t realise there were any lights you could have THAT close to the canopy? I have LEDs and that’s too close even for me! Haha.

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@geraldjc1. What kind of light or lights are u running ??

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2 300W Led Lights - Like this, 1 Blue/Red , 1 White.

Like this.

Hlg. Horticulture lighting group. Check them out. Any light u pick from there will blow them lights away for sure. I have 3 of the hlg 260 xl in flower room. In my spare bath veg room auto room i have 2 600 w growstar full spec with cree cobb lights and a 400w mh wing by vivosun

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I’m running with a spider farmer 4000, 450 real watts. I don’t have a lot of headroom left so are running them a little closer then I should. That said the plants seem to handle it alright, a little led burn on some of the bigger shade leaves is the only negative. They do occasionally sweat a bit and are going through a good 7 litres of per day.

I do have a 6 inch oscillating running full speed blowing down and across the top of the plants with the exhaust fan and filter diagonally opposite.

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They look nice in the picture. Nice lil jungle going on. Bout to drop some more w.w. autos and some more zkittle autos and hopefully within the week i can drop 2 trainwreck photos when they come

Well it was a hot day yesterday…

When doing my daily morning check PPM was up to 1700!

The girls had guzzled 12 litres of water between them thus the rise in the PPM, so no nutrients today just another 12 litres of water a 100ml dose of H2O2 per tote and a few mls of PH down per tote.

Whist I was down there I took a shot of the tree trunks for all the woodsmen and woodswomen out there. I haven’t done a lot of pruning just the bare minimum seems to be two schools of thought on that. Me being me it was the easier option and it seems to me they just grow back anyways.

Also I’ll have to move the tent next grow I placed in the corner of the room and can’t really get to the back corner…doh!

Also raised that light some it’s a good 9 inches above the top most bud now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Time for my weekly update, PPM is up at around 1700 to 1800 so now they are getting more water then anything else on any given day.

Got to say the Critical Mass is looking the best and seems to living up to it’s name, though the pineapple glue is looking good also.

So some theme music…

And on with the pictures…


Lookin good, for sure brother :+1: :v:

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Here is my grow journal…