So it begins first indoor hydro grow

Finally got my own house. :slight_smile:

Just two glasses of distilled water being warmed on the heat mat ready for the seed drop next day on the new moon. :wink:

2 critical mass + 2 pineapple glue from Advanced Seeds ( got the ilgm pop culture mix comming soon ).

5x5 grow tent, spider farmer 4000, 2x100 litre totes, 2x 5 inch nets and 2x 10cm disc air stones per tote with a 25 watt air pump pushing the air.



I’m gonna tag along, if you don’t mind :v:


No problem repins12

Used be a Guerilla Grower myself, that was years ago pre GPS and no go anymore, not that I would like to be lugging 30 kg bags of chook over my shoulders these days.


cograts buddy! looking great… cant wait to see how it goes… :wink: :grin: :grinning:


Nice setup. I’m gonna lurk in the background watching.

What nutrient line are you planning on running?

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I’ll be using the Canna aqua range of nutrients with the addition of Cal Mag also using H2O2 as hydroguard is unobtainium downunder.

Using Canna because it is readly available here and can even get more at Bunnings just a 10 minute bike ride away if my slightly cheaper ebay stock runs low.

Also from my reading it seems to a good nutrient, perhaps not the very best, though better then most and bang for buck it can’t be beat here.


Someone else from Aus found the bacillus used for that product available in dry powder form for next to nothing IIRC: a little research might be worth it.

I use H2O2 but not in my nutrient solution as I do have a somewhat truncated biome in there and that would kill it then dissipate. I just do a good cleaning at rez change with peroxide then. That at least leaves a reservoir of microbes in the root mass.

Mmmm, well l have found something here…

Though it’s difficult to know what dilution would be most suitable for hydroponics or even if it is suitable as the .pdf makes no mention of such usage.

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Just dropped the seeds in the warm distilled water.


Bacillus (Latin “stick”) is a genus of Gram-positive, rod-shaped bacteria, a member of the phylum Firmicutes, with 266 named species.

So you need the right type or types of the bacteria, it is used in many products including food production, medicine, agriculture and no doubt has even other applications.

So I’ll most likely stick with the H2O2 and be very very careful…



Almost 24 hours and those seeds are still floating, might have to mix up some diluted H2O2 to add to the mix…thoughts?

Another 10 hours on gave those floaters another shake, this time all the seeds sunk to the bottom of the glass and they look slightly swollen. So here’s hoping I see some sort of root by the morning.

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I have learned from others on this forum that if you put 10 drops of peroxide to half a cup of water for soaking/splitting seeds it works exceptionally well with a very high success rate…


10 drops sounds like a lot, though thankfully I did get a few wee roots this morning and that hardly ever happens. :wink:

So I’ve transpanted the girls into the rockwool and into the propagator.

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I don’t use rockwool but, I do use about a half a capful of hydrogen peroxide :+1:


I’ll be using H2O2 next time for sure, just hadn’t mixed up a 3% mix as yet, though I do have a 500ml bottle of 35% food grade to open.

Time for an update…

Going to put the girls in the final new home today, had one Critical Mass that died when I transplanted it into the rockwool, I was a bit rough she went in upside down, then when correcting that I guess I failed was much more careful with the next three.

I had a freebie fruit salad seed so I threw that directly into the rockwool and it germinated no problem and quicker, so I think I just go that way next time.

Seedlings are a bit leggy, had the light dimmed to it’s lowest setting 20% and had it too high at that setting after lowering it they stopped reaching, live and learn, the pineapple glue grew more leggy. So now I have 1 critical mass, 1 fruit salad and 2 pineapple glue.

Some shots of my prep and the girls, added siphon hoses to totes to attach cordless drill pump for easy empty without having to open the lids. Also built sound proof box for that loud air pump, should silence it I’d say.


Finally got my act together and got the girls in there new home. The 2 pineapple glue were a bit dry and I guess I actually underwatered them when they were in the propergator, so I have to watch that next time, hope they recover now, top fed them all after moving them.

So on with the picture show bubbles and placement.


Update time, they got a little nutrient and led burn early on. I missed calculated and had a PPM of 630, also even after some correction my ph was still on the high side. Yes and humidity on the dry side, got a humidifier coming.


You got this :+1: