So is this good or bad?

So I have some bb3 I cut on Thurs and just another today.

Is this a bad idea drying them next to each other or so close? Should I start a new line for the new cut?
Also the plant I cut Thursday went from somewhat moist fan leaves to dried and curled up? I’m ok still with dry time?
I keep this bath room at 60-65% Rh went in 70s when bathroom gets to 80-84 I drop to 50-55% Rh wasnt told to just made sense like an instinct. Was it a good instinct?


That is a good instinct. Be sure you have plenty of air movement for them being that close.

If you can come down at least 10° that will help slow the dry down and bring down the risk of mold some.


Thanks ya the heat is one thing I can’t control cause of where I live and shit insulation is only in the 80s usually not over 82° for about 4-5 hrs otherwise by midnight is in mid 70s when I get up a 5am is down to 70-72 hence the adjustments to humidity. Rh here is 17-25% so that I can control with small space and wick style humidifier. High plains desert sucks

You should be OK , I like that you left some foliage to slow down the drying process with the temperature a little high. Good luck

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Couple weeks until my first harvest. So I was wondering how you are going to tell when dry? Snap twig, moisture meter, touch?

I go by touch, but it takes some experience to get it right. Just before they get to the point where they snap is a decent measure.

Many of the growers here do use moisture meters.


I’d suggest starting with a wood moisture meter. It takes out the guess work. When it hits 12% finish trimming if needed and start curing. You rarely use it and they’re cheap (mine was about $10 from harbor freight) so by the time the first set of batteries die you’ll probably be able to do it by feel.

Sold! Thank you sir.

I got this little guy. Perfect size for measuring stems inside the buds which is where you need to be checking.