So I'm thinking on not doing Autos anymore & just do Fem Plants

So I am debating on not doing Autos indoors or maybe not at all. The reason I say this is because I have noticed a difference between my NL auto that’s in flower now and it’s had longer time than my GDP Fem… I had thought Autos were supposed to grow faster than Fems but the way my NL Auto is and my GDP Fem it’s looking like the GDP Fem will be the one to finish first. Samething that goes with my 2 GG4 autos and my Blue Gelato Fem. The Blue Gelatos are taking off faster than the GG4 Auto. Is it something I’m doing wrong? My GDP has way more red hairs than NL Auto. Can this happen if the GDP get more co2 than the NL Auto?? This one is NL Auto

this one is the GDP Fem


IMO, and in a nutshell, it doesn’t mean the auto and photo will be ready for harvest at the same time.


Could be phenotypes for Difference in flowering times.
I prefer photos over autoflowers. Can’t clone those and they flower no matter what. 3” or 4ft couldn’t be anywhere in between.


I know but what I’m getting at is that the way it’s looking the GDP Fem are going to finish faster than the NL Auto. Like for instance this is the grow times.

@Zee I had planted Auto 2 weeks first than GDP Fem so NL pic is two weeks off had forgot to change it. I had written it down the dates on paper.

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See with my NL Auto it’s literally as tall as both GDP Fem but buds on NL Auto are way smaller buds than GDPs. They all had same good environment and everything was done the same like pruning, topping, scrogging etc. I can
grow Autos outdoors though but I don’t think I’ll get anymore Autos no more unless I plan to grow outdoors. The only way for sure to tell is if when my Blue Gelatos Fem start flowering and GG4 auto start flowering if it’s gonna do the same as NL Auto @Covertgrowerr

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Every 5 weeks I get a crow with 2 tent. doesn’t matter how long the seeds/clones take before flower. Never grow an Auto indoors.

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What do you mean crow? You lost me at that
@Member420 Will indoor Autos be alot smaller than outdoor Autos?? Cause honestly the way my NL Auto is growing it looks kinda pathetic but GDP Fem is steady thriving buds swelling everyday. If I knew NL Auto would do this I would of planted OG gelato and Bubba Kush in replace of the auto…

I know I gotta check pistils and Triches on when to harvest but is this kinda true?

like average flower time? Maybe this is the cause of GDP Fem looking like it’s going to finish first???

I’m in the same boat. Done with autos. Mine have taken as long as photos and put out fluffy buds. After the first one I figured it was just a phenotype issue but after 3 straight now coming out the same way I don’t want to waste any resources on them anymore. Have 17 more blueberry auto seeds and may just toss them out in the raised bed and let them do their thing.


So your Fems came out bigger than your Auto? I have about 5 autos 2 NL auto seeds and 3 GG4 seeds. But have 2 GG4 autos growing now. That’s exactly what I’m thinking is to just use autos outside cause if the Fems are faster and better I’d rather have them indoors and autos outdoors so I can keep both tents nothing but Fems in it and it won’t be wasted space. Don’t get me wrong I had chopped one NL auto early and it smoked good and heard NL Auto had high thc that’s why I had mainly got it. But seeing now more triches on Fem than Auto makes me wonder. I just wish I knew about this earlier lol is their any special techniques to get autos to be better indoors is what I’m wanting to know @Bobbydigital

Not that I’m aware of. They just seem real hit or miss. Size wise, they can be as big as photos but mine have just been really fluffy. So although the size is there, the weight isn’t. Here’s a couple of the blueberry auto. First two pics weren’t topped, third one was.


I fell for the Auto frenzy and have about 15 strains i’ll never grow unless the laws change.
Not really sure where they get auto’s grow faster, both take about 11 weeks.
Now I use about 1 seed every 9 months and just run clones off that. I use two tents too flower ones done every 5 weeks with and a 32"x32" tent sitting behind my desk with no ventilation to grow my seeds and clones in.
Doesn’t really matter how long a clone/seed takes to grow the right size to flower with one of the flower tents done every 5 weeks
“So your Fems came out bigger than your Auto?” you can grow a fem as big as you’d like, just flip to flower when it’s 1/2 the size you want it ending up.


Yeah mine aren’t as big as that. Mines more dense and tight. But looks about not even a oz wet weight just by eyeballing buds on my auto. @Bobbydigital. @Member420 I really don’t know some people are saying that online but I do agree it could be a hit or miss for me. For me it’s like you have to plant way more autos to match a couple Fem plants but I also agree on it getting bigger because you can do longer veg.

Hey just curious is that an app you use?


The pistol color is pheno driven. The flower length is not the same for all cannabis. There is a thai variant that is not classed as an auto but flowers super early, takes almost 16 weeks to flower! Thats 4 months! With only 6 weeks veg!
The biggest advantages with reg photo seed is control of veg time, ability to prune for shape and the ability to pheno hunt and clone. The only advantage in my mind to an auto is the ability to run longer light time during flower. The thai is an early flowering equatorial plant, it isnt an auto or feral / ruderal . So its an odd duck.

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Yeah, they’re just too random for my liking. The pheno differences between autos seem to be drastically different than those of photos. The only reason I purchased autos was to have something to harvest between the photos but they ended up taking just as long so I have no use for them.


Yes it is it’s called Jane I just write notes and what info that day it helps alot @LostKause

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I did the samething I think their not meant for me lol only good thing with NL auto is it’s thc IMO @Bobbydigital

Oh okay. So depends on seed like what @Bobbydigital said hit or miss? I did transplant NL auto once to 7 gal fabric pot.

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Just harvested my first auto and now I feel the same way. Too bad that I have 4 more going atm. I ordered 3 more before I harvested, that won’t be planted anytime soon. Luckily I chose 3 free photo seeds with that purchase. Autos are fun to grow but are underwhelming in every other aspect imo. My wife who doesn’t smoke but helps me trim said “autos aren’t worth it baby”. Didn’t even stink bad at harvest and my hands weren’t even sticky like that. Done after this next run.