So I think I jarred a little early

I think I tried to trim and get it over with a day or two early, is there any advice to give about what I can do to potentially help dry them out a little faster in their jars? Also I was curious… what works better, a couple monster jars, or a bunch of smaller ones? Is there any benefit of one over the other?

Main benefit to larger jars is there are less jars to burp daily. If the product is still too wet, you’ll want to get it out of the jars. Placing the buds in a brown paper bags works well. If you don’t have any just set them out on a paper plate for a few hours at a time until the humidity in your jar (with the buds in it) is under 65%


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Congrats Bobby!

@SavageFC3S u can just rehang the buds somewhere and let them continue to dry. No harm there at all. Ive jarred plants for a day or two, they were too wet, so I put em back on the screen for a couple days


@spyonyou , @PurpNGold74 thank you gentlemen!


So this is a weird one, but would putting a paper towel in the jar with them help suck up humidity? Or like a little ziplock filled with rice and punch some pin holes in it? :rofl:

Also, about how long does it take to start molding if it doesn’t dry fast enough?

Not real sure how much humidity a paper towel absorbs. Rice would absorb moisture but at an unknown rate. Is it the smell you’re worried about?

It doesn’t take but a day or two to start molding.

No, it’s not the smell, it’s the mold I’m worried about, I have quite a bit that ended up staying waaay too wet and I don’t want it to mold

Bigger jars give more space between buds, less chance of mold. But it still needs to be dry enough first. I would put the buds in a paper bag and pull them apart to give more surface area to speed up drying a little. Do you have boveda packs to put in the jars most people use the 62’s for cannabis.

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DONT use hydration packs for the cure(they effect the Terps a little boveda slightly more then integra) they’re only for long term storage and if you dont have a hygrometer GET SOME they’re cheap and small otherwise get a large tray line with any paper and just spread your buds out for a day or 2 then re jar them

If you’re not worried about smelling up the house then you need to do as suggested above. Drop them in a paper bag or on a paper plate and let them dry out more


I wasn’t suggesting he use the boveda for the cure. They are to be used after for storage like you said. You don’t want it to dry out too much either.

I appreciate it! Yeah I laid it all out on a couple big sheets in the garage for the night, I’ll see what they look like in the morning. Much appreciated guys!

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Id be out there EARLY flipping n checking stem dryness lol. Best of luck my friend

You think itll dry out that fast huh? So what is a decent % it can sit at for a while without getting moldy? Like when I first jarred and checked a few hours later it was like 80% so I opened the lid and let it sit for a few hours and tossed everything around and realized it was waaaaaaaay too wet to Have trimmed and jarred. So I dumped it all and spread it all out on some huge sheets and let sit with good air circulation in the garage. It all felt like dry to the touch and spongy kinda like a marshmallow so then I put it all back in jars and checked it like 4-5 hours later and they’re all sitting between 70-75%. So how long can it sit in that humidity before it starts to get moldy? I’m going to probably spread it all out and let air dry again for a few hours one more time today and see what happens.

Aim for ~60 steady. 62-65 is the sweet spot. Ideally the outside gets a TAD crispy. Not dry dry but u can feel the texture go from insanely sticky n wet feeling to just… denser really. The stems when bent, give of the crack sound even if they dont break. Thats my target at least when drying. I dont have any hygrometers tbh and have filled jars multiple times. No mold doing it that way… of course my jars get constant ‘burping’ from me stealing nuggets lol.

Yeah I had one plant that dried perfectly I think, right out the gate held 65% in the jar from the first day. Two other plants I literally had to take the buds back out of the jars and separate every single one from each other hahah. It was like one big sticky clump. But after I spread them out on sheets and let them dry again, they felt 100% better and kinda were their own little buds again :rofl:. Hopefully I’ll only have to do it once more to get it to hold in the 60’s.

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Check those nugs :sunglasses:… nothin like fresh flower … unless it’s more chunks :joy::joy::joy:

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