So I overplanted in a 2.3 X 2.3 x 5 foot tent. What plants should I cull?

I moved your new thread to your old thread. This keeps everything a little neater, and all relevant information together. If you’d like me to edit the title, or moved to a new category I can.
Happy growing. @Bullpup

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How far are you from the lights now? A little LST may still be possible to gain a few inches if necessary.
Your lower is not too crowded but you could remove a few fan leaves. I wouldn’t take any more branches for fear of stress.

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Thanks I did not want to kick up an old thread. That is fine you moved it. I apologize for being a PITA newbie

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All good, we all have growing pains… :wink::joy: :seedling:

I pulled both big ones to the side of the tent with pipe cleaners. Maybe 12 inches from light with the SF-2000 at 90%. When this grow started I thought the plants would all die. My last grow was in the 70’s when we cleaned out product in a lot and noticed things were growing where we hung out. I know I am on the back 1/4 of the grow but am trying to learn as I go. Big differences between reading and doing. Thank you again as you have responded previously