So I need edibles help

Oil would be your best bet in my opinion, coconut oil, soy or sunflower lectin will increase the uptake due to the fat. Coconut oil is easy, cheap, readily available and tons of online help there. Remember it is saturated fat though.

The reason I recommend oil is because you can make a big batch, then just use a dosage dropper to draw up anywhere from 0.1ml to 80ml depending on your dropper size.

There is a way to roughly calculate potency, I’m not totally familiar with it, it has something to do with knowing the potency of the flower followed by the amount of oil used and the amount of flower used. As covert said know your numbers.
However unless you are certain about your flower potency and can test that, that all goes out the window.
So instead I say make a big batch of coconut oil with any of the YouTube videos out there be it slow cooker or however you choose to do it (I used cheese cloth and a pot with a bbq temperature probe.
Once you have your batch of oil you can then draw up a little each time until the dose for that batch is correct.
Do it again next time you make a batch, you’ll get a pretty good idea of how to dose very quickly and it’s the least amount of labour/processing.
The coconut infused oil can be put onto any food or you can just take it directly, heck you can even put it inside jel caps.

Same method works with cbd plants or thc plants.


Stop buying stuff for aminute. PM coming.

Quick question, does the flower have to be cured to make into oil or RSO? Can I use recently harvested and dried bud?

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U can make rso from fresh plant material also don’t have to be dried or cured to do so. @Caligurl would be the best to ask as she is the canna cook round here.

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If it’s cured you get a better tasting end product. At least that’s my personal opinion I’ve made a lot of edibles

Thanks for the input guys. I put my oil in capsules so taste doesnt come into play like with edibles.

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