So I’ll just be blunt right now and give you the base of the idea, you don’t want to know the age of her, but she should be dead

Basically a lot of set backs super old for the stage she is in but now she is thriving after a lot of people told me to stop wasting my time. I can’t. I keep charging forward and she keeps going on, basically I know I need to cut the stuff off that’s wasting spacing and energy that is half yellow, most of those leads yet few are from earlier setbacks. But new leafs are growing in fast and healthy, so honestly I want to know if A: I need to start training, B: Need to move it to its final pot which I’m thinking a 5 gallon. Already have sexed it, it’s a mimosa strain ph of water and soil is the same between mid six to seven. Happy frog soil from fox farm. Humidity is constant 60% 75 degrees F. So basically based on the new schedule, I’ll be getting her into flowering stage after 60 days. 56 days until then, something I just decided on, any idea of when I should transplant her one last time?
AND WHY IS SHE SO BUSHY IN THE MIDDLE?! WHAT DO I DI ABOUT THAT AREA? it’s tight quarters and little less light then the top

Hey @Dell5001 don’t listen to whoever is telling you to throw her out. She looks to be getting a little to much food nitrogen to be exact so back off just a little. I would repot it she looks healthy enough for that 4sure. It’s never to early to train but you ask if you should start yet someone has done some training already at least topped once. The branches in the middle need to grow out a bit before you start bending on em so after you repot it might need a few days to recover but I would still take off the couple leaves shading those middle branches so they start while she recovers


I scribbled on your pic the red shows two leaves that can be cut they’re shading the branches under them. The yellow is marking the branches you want to allow to grow. On my plant you can see how the multiple branches come out. This is actually main-lining which I wouldn’t normally direct a first timer to do but you have already trained your plant to be one so why change it


You’ll want to remove the growth tips from each end (red marks) but you can let em get a couple more branches before doing it or do it now I would now be careful not to damage the branches where you top the ends (funny purple arrows) Obviously the more branches the more colas I make mine 8 total that’s 4 sets of branches (nodes) 2 on each side and it keeps em nice and compact I average between 4-6 ounces per plant. The total will vary on what lights you have and how healthy you keep the plant.

Alright @Dell5001 this should give you a direction to go in, you don’t have to do it this way I just saw what you have and told you where I would go with it. Didn’t mean to write a whole book but I was just sitting here bored, hope it helps you out. If you have any questions just @ me and I’ll come back and try to answer. Good luck :evergreen_tree::sunglasses::crossed_fingers:


By any chance…was this reverted back to veg after starting to flower?

@MeEasy so the growth tips are the smaller leafs coming out?

Yep between the leaf stems and main stem, then between the stipules and branch is where buds come out in this pic the calyx is the start of the bud or flower

@MeEasy so basically I’m cutting the small looking stem thing coming out of the top of the plant with the super small leafs, and I can clone those. So I picked up some root growth liquid should I use that as well? And if I’m cutting off some branches to get more light to the middle should I trim up the middle or wait til it gets more bushy there? And how many more pipe cleaners should I use to bend her just one per stem? Basically the idea is to get her to grow horizontally and the new pot I’m transplanting her to is 5.64 gallons.

No cut off leaves so the branches get light so they will grow i drew on your pic to show you. Pot size is good at 5.64. Once the branches grow out a little you can tie em to keep them separate.

Clones are not my thing, I grow from seed maybe someday but I can’t help with those


how does this look?

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