So I have a? For a newbie

first time growing, I finally turned to bloom stage, yet, out of the 24 seeds germinated, 19 worked well… can I retry the the unused seeds if I dig them up? Or, are they just not going to grow…

I am planning on a round 2, I am willing to give another chance first. I actually ran out of grow room and I want to get round 2 started, is my concern

Never heard of anyone trying that. Typically if they dont germ the first time they are done.
No harm trying tho.

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I’d just gently dig them up for starters. See what they look like.

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well, others are doing well (I think) but I started trying some cloning as well for second round. I thought I don’t want to be a (whatever) By returning them or complaining, but, … those 5 extra plants can make a difference in my grow rooms

If they’re from here, I would. That’s close to $100 worth of seeds and ilgm guarantees germination.

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so my clones are rooting like crazy, I need to transplant them, but, are they needing to be treated in the same fashion as a traditional seed?