So i guess its an auto

i am certain i didnt order an auto-flower seed. 100% no chance.
i even checked invoices twice.

this is a blueberry. i dont know exactly where seed is from.
i mean its one of two places. but i really cant know which.
and neither were ILGM. so this is not a complaint by any means :slight_smile:

this plant is about 4 weeks from sprout. there was one incident where, this plant and her 4 neighbors definitely got more than 6 hours of dark. but it was no more than 8, possibly 10. i had messed up timer around daylight savings time. but i dont think that 1 incident would trigger flowering. and the other 4 seem normal.

just confirmation is what i seek. its rather obvious i think but, second opinion never hurt.

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I agree with you my friend looks like an auto

you think that a mixup like that is common?

should i put in bloom tent? or ok to keep in veg area with others?

how many days old is she .??? what’s your lite schedule ??? i like fast girls lmao just not autos … keep this one alive, it has my interest up , and ill follow the progress on it … peace Hammer .

about 4-5 weeks from sprout.
lights are 18on/6off

is there typically a noticeable trait difference between regular female and auto?
its clearly blooming, but how can i be certain i didnt trigger it accidentally?

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the only trait i know of ,is that auto’s flower on their own regardless of the photo period … as to the shape or side branching of size may depend on the strain …the ones to invite to this thread would be MacGuyver stoner or latewood or maybe pig squishy… they may have a more precise insite then i …Sorry just haven’t delt with them yet ,but one of the 2 S silver haze i started 4weeks ago has started to grow hairs at the internodes not on the tops and their femm’s lol but i have seen this attribute on one of the strains i used to grow …it would produce hairs at the internodes .if it was kept in veg for a few months “it was a mother” but when you put it into bloom it would be forming buds within 2 weeks . where as it’s sister never grew hair until she was in bud .and finished slower but had a better yield then the faster plant … ok Agent J that’s all i got … later. Hammer

@Hammer, that’s known as “presexing”, when they shoot pistols pop out and suck back in, In the vegitative stage

if you were going to clone which would you use ??both being from ILGM both are Super silver haze fem’s one has them one don’t …??? none of the Borderliner EXTRM has them. Or the Rainbow kush … mite take a cutting of each so i can look for other differing traits …be a bit for i can clone . anther week so i don’t hurt them to much …

Id use the presexing plant she’s already showing that if you wanted her to flower she will so more than likely you’ll have better luck with the presexing one cause it will have some of the hormones for flowering but not in flower make sence?

yes of course it does… but .its a stretchy Girl …In 1 week they all will be readty to clone so thought id give it till then to see what #2 S s h does .

Yea that makes sence to do it that way

Leave it veg room until it flowers , once flower moved to flower tent the last 2 weeks .

Agent Jay my apologies i think i hijacked your thread a little … my bad got carried away looking at similarities… Hammer

heh no worries amigo!
had run its course anyway.

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