So i got seedy bud

Well had a plant herm and pollinated my only female of the three i cut a tester off and it had two underdeveloped beans in it good smoke tho. My question is how seedy will she be and should i just cut when cloudy? Because i have stuff on deck.

Seedy lady

The longer she grows the seedier she will get. I’d chop when cloudy and move on if you have more on deck. No sense in you growing more seeds IMO


Alright makes sense

Look pretty clear to me

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Couple cloudy but yep a ton of clear… keep watching :smirk:
This part sucks when in your situation
Sorry bro


Lol no worries i kinda figured bag seed got me lesson learned and experience gained


Exactly how bag seeds should be used impo allows you to gain knowledge for good seeds in the future and ya never know there is always that possibility they finish great


Right this is my first go so i figured spend money on shit i couldnt permanently ruin and use free seeds.
NL photo x 2 or gnomo autos x3 are on deck still undecided


…. That those seeds turn out to be fire af anyway.

I mean some of the best strains came from happy accidents. Cindy (Jack H pheno). Diesel (who knows pheno). Cookies (im to high to remember pheno…)


Exactly my first plant i grew was a gorilla glue bean from a bag i got from a dispensary turned out amazing frosty af and was so dam tasty had a few undeveloped beansbin her but hot dam was it a good smoke lol