So I don't forget, beginning to end with water at 9ph ff

@PurpNGold74 I’m gonna accept your challenge and grow a plant beginning to finish with pH thrown up in FF soil with no adjustments. Obviously gotta wait on plants to finish. Since I’m gonna do it in reused happy frog to prove a point. The buffer is there and will last more than 3 grows. To quote keystone, he is the one who told me the buffer will last past 3 grows. I’ve never tried it past one. For all I know it won’t. But when someone never steers you wrong. You tend to believe them. And I do.


This is dependent on the hardness of your water supply. I lived where the muni water supply was 550 ppm and 7.5 PH. It messes up plants in soil. But running R/O or low TDS muni water (mine now is 135 ppm) should have no problems.

Omg man i literally stopped talking.

If the soil is already used i do not see the point. Are u saying the amendments in the soil will last 3 separate grows. Just add water?

No microbes. No ph adjustments. No nutrients. Just ur old reused Happy Frog (3 times i might add again) and un pH’d water? Best of luck. And have fun with that

@KeystoneCops i considered a pretty good acquaintance. We may not have always agreed but we respected each others point of view man.

I was just tryna get you two semi new to the forum guys to realize how contradicting that whole argument was. And you to realize thats horrible advice for a new grower. There’s no other way to put that dude.


No. I’m passing on the fact that fox farms soils contain a buffer that make pH adjustment unnecessary. It doesn’t matter what I add unless I kill the buffer… How is that so difficult for you?

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So the FF Trio is a SALT BASED nutrient that they sale for use with their soil that eliminates the buffer u believe is there??

Its not difficult its FALLACY. Difference

Nope. If you follow their regimen it will not. And it also won’t call for pH adjustments in their soil

Bahahaha. 2000 ppms of salt based bottles nutes wont kill your herd? So why the big jump to organics?

Edit: so u wont take me literally. 1200 ppms* honestl full strength is more then that. But not quite 2k. Happy?

I’m confused. Who said organic?
I’ve had plants with 4500 ppm runoff and be fine… that was the one time I killed the buffer. That was when I turned to forum and learned what I am now trying to pass on. One of the few things I’ve learned here I consider pivotal. Rest I learned from the main site, bugbee, other forums.

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Ok not organic. Just dont use salt nutes… that they sale lol

… Wow bro. You are really not on this plane.

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Ive had similar with a very healthy soil life. They ate what they wanted and left the rest. A few burnd tips. Nothing skipped a beat besides my finicky one or two who always want less.

Man honestly i dont get why im even on this thread. You feel as u do. Have ur proof. Have ur pudding. I wont hate on ur grow style.

I will call BS when ur telling other growers just pour tap water itll be fine. No it wont. They need to know what the ‘buffer’ u keep mentioning is. Ill tell you one more time.

Its BENEFICIAL BACTERIA if you dont have the herd. It wont work

Then even with the microbe herd. Straight tap has chlorine that will MURDER them by the thousand…

Rainwater? Sure!
RO? Itll work better then tap but will need nutes eventually
Straight from the sink? I beg to differ.

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Bruh… I didn’t say he didn’t leave it out for 24 hr. And I wasn’t sharing what I do. I was sharing what one of the greats did. Word for word. Ocean forest and happy frog are living soils. If you don’t understand what a living soil is then I have no clue why you’re a mod here. You’re the only mod I’ve literally not learned a single thing from and disagree with half the crap you post. I just never say anything when there’s already too many cooks. I only stick around hoping someone grasps what keystone was saying and to learn more myself. But beyond keystone and dbrn I’m :100: certain there is nothing else for me to learn from anyone else here. I know those two have more knowledge. Others have more practice, that’s all. With keystone gone it was soon id quit coming here anyway.

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Well, good luck to you.

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You’re another culprit. You’re late flowering tips are gold. Otherwise you often give inaccurate information. 410. I feel like y’all don’t even bother to keep up with research now that’s it’s available. Cannabis is legal for research. Maybe I’m the only one keeping up with jt.

Well best of luck my dude. Cant say that I hate to see you go… so ill leave it at the luck part.

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Why did you say that? I’m such a damn asshole that now I don’t want to go…

Let’s cool it guys. I’m always down for an experiment. Let’s see where this goes.

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I didnt ask you to leave man. Like Bobby said. Let your work speak for itself. Dont let me run you off