So I built this system... but what to call it?



Still relatively new here and I have grow journal going as well so if anyone wants in on that just let me know and I’ll tag you in… So I’m just looking for any and all suggestions to improve this setup and for folks to ask me some questions. I’m still very, very new to all of this so questions help me learn things!! Thank you in advance to anyone who comments, asks, or provides feedback!!

my space: 57"Wx36"Dx86"H, painted with matte white latex paint and sealed with panda film.
my tank: I forget the dimensions but one of you that’s smarter than me can do reverse volume math and maybe figure it out :wink: but it’s roughly 97 US gal, 16 gauge stainless steel, cover is made of galvanized steel and has been cut to hold 16 plants, sealed with weather stripping and covered with panda film for good measure.
setup: air pump with 6 way splitter running through two of the unused holes, leading to 6 10"x2" bubble stones. i’m think i have a bit of weird setup in that i don’t have an external reservoir to feed from (i may add one later but we’ll see how this goes) and i just used the bubblers. i think most would have done a drip system for a tank this large but i’ll be honest and say i didn’t want to build all of that and thought why not just a huge DWC?
medium: expanded clay pebbles using GH rapid rooter plugs to germinate and using 6" net pots
nutes: GH flora series
lighting: 1x 1000w Vander LED (2x10w)
ventilation: all DIY using a window fan with 2 fans, adjustable speeds, “thermostat” built into the fan, box built around the fan, charcoal filter to cover the box, 2 4" ventilation tubes to pull air out, 1 4" ventilation tube for fresh air intake also using a carbon filter there. also one circulating fan inside the room.
i think that about covers it. i have more details if anyone is curious about specifics but i figured this post was long enough!


Looks great!


@bruinsfan33 thanks!


Called hydroponics as you said you werent sure what to call it.


DWC and must be fun doing res changes :wink:


It’s actually not that bad, I have a submersible pump that’s used to drain hot tubs. Takes about 15 min to drain…
Also, aren’t most DWCs recirculating or use some sort of feed reservoir? Or am I making things up in my head?
Yes, thank you!


Deep Water Culture is typically just airstones in a bucket with plant roots dangling in you are thinking RDWC and there are other major hydroponic systems like NFT ebb&flow


Hydrostar? :mrkat: