So I am just curious about curing cannabis

I have seen different groups online about how one group says with curing cannabis it only brings out the smell and harshness of bud that’s it. While the other group says the samething but also says with curing cannabis it will make it more potant like the thc high will boost up significantly like how you age alcohol. My question is what exactly does curing do besides breaking down sugar, making cannabis smell dank & reduces harshness? Does it really make cannabis more potant high? “If” it does make it more potant will curing it for months after months or even years will it continue to get stronger high? Or will only when you harvest by trichomes will determine on how potant cannabis is other than genetics or strain? I have seen online different debates on this topic and wanting to know if it really boosts thc high. Please explain your answer below I really want to know!

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That pretty much sums it up.

Potency is reached at correct harvesting times. It reached a maximum, and after you cut it, it definitely starts the degradation process.
Long term storing it still continues to degrade. Freezer is best, but it still degraded.

Yes, only when harvested at proper times results in the most potent.

Here’s an article I’ve copied and pasted, but can’t post a link because it is unapproved.

First, it is important to note that the “A” in THCA, CBDA, etc. stands for the carboxylated, or acidic, form of the compound. These “acidic” versions of THC or CBD are the compounds naturally produced by the cannabis plant. It is only through drying and/or heating that they can be decarboxylated into their non-acidic forms (CBD, THC, etc.) which are known for being bioactive. This is the reason “raw” cannabis products are usually heated through smoking, cooking, or other methods before they are consumed. The acidic form of cannabinoids may also be bioactive, however, they are not psychoactive. THCA can only be psychoactive once it has been decarboxylated into THC.

CBN is another phytocannabinoid found in cannabis which is the product of THC oxidation. This means that when THC is exposed to light or heat, stored incorrectly, or degraded in some way, it turns into CBN. It is slightly psychoactive, but the [research] is inconclusive and it is nowhere near as potent as THC.


Okay so just mainly breaks down sugar and overall quality flavor of smoke. What I don’t understand why some trichomes will change color a little bit like for example say you have 1 cloudy trichome head it will be a little darker tint to it. I have seen this happen before under loupe and never actually got why it does that. If the cannabis is done drying and curing to let all moisture out will freezing it make it more accessible to mold since it’s re moisturizing the bud? Or will it not matter because the bud will be always dry? I have noticed difference though with freezing trim then using it in edibles than too use trim as soon as I harvest plant to dry. So when companies say effects on their strain it is kinda impossible for you to feel psychoactive affect from smoking as in psychoactive meaning like hallucinogenic affects?

Never had that, euphoric for sure.

Trichomes that are clear or cloudy, will turn solid white after curing.

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