So how old is everyone here?


Happy Birthday :smile: I’m 33.


I am 69. I started when I was 15. Without having to read all 161 posts, how old was the oldest person?


I think there was someone who was 74 @Phil39


I think your almost at the top…:grin:

:v: :sunglasses:


25 here man.


42, medicinal user in a recreational state who sure does love the “side effects” of my medicine

Was looking for a home of like minded people and the maturity, kindness, and helpfulness. here was miles above the rest. It was an easy decision which community to join because of that.

(In particular, it was @daz49 s Durban Poison grow that got me invested. As that will be the star of my next run, I ended up binging on that thread/journal. The dynamics of all participants in that thread, and of course, @daz49 himself, really won me over. Good job all!)

First time grower. Summer I have time off and I usually go follow Phish on a road trip on the west coast as a vacation. Well, they decided to stay on the east coast and eat donuts at Madison Square Garden for 13 days this year, so I had vacation money saved up which seemed to be put to better use in gear than in my retirement fund or the local dispensaries sampler pack.

I am now officially addicted to the process. I never realized I would enjoy interacting with the plants this much (even if I am still a bit timid with them). Thanks everyone here for making this such a great resource and home.


Hi my friend, I’m 49 going on maybe 20 lol and it’s a totally fun journey through out the grow, learning more and more as you go, glad to have you in the group

  1. Lol,…


36 newbee here


Turned 60 in June. Needed a hobby and this was a no brainer.


I’m younger than most, but older than some…I believe if I did not have the smoke growing up, I would not have made it.


38 year old Norwegian here. On my first outdoor grow. Challenging, exciting, nervewrecking. I love it!


I may have already posted on here but I forget. Must be that freaking old age. Let me see… Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump. Good God! Have I really lived through all those? I need a nap… :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

To be fair (to myself) I don’t remember Eisenhower at all but I do remember (barely) November 22nd 1963.


I recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of my 28th birthday HAH, figure that one out! On, second thought, don’t. I don’t want to know my true age… :wink::crazy_face::crab:



Damn! You are still behind me… BARELY! :grin:


I posted way up thread so this is like a bump.
I will be 57 in November Love that there are so many in the same range on this site and of course, that we all have this common obsession , er um hobby!

That less then recent saying “You can tell the Men from the Boys by the price of their Toys!” sure does ring true. My passions Growing/consuming cannabis, sleddin’ and golf in that order.


Makes us about the same era…remember November 1963 forever not to mention Nixon resigning and on and on… :sleeping:



…and here they are, The Beatles!!! “Close your eyes and…”


Three weeks in a row on Ed Sullivan…



We were living in Los Angeles at the time and the Beatles were big on the radio before the Ed Sullivan Show so I was ready for them. My mother and father had separated at that point with my father taking us three kids. I went over to my mom’s that night to watch The Ed Sullivan Show and the main reason I remember it is because she made spaghetti and I threw up all night. She probably blamed the Beatles :grin: