So how old is everyone here?


Have you ever heard of burying your plants up to the leaves b/c they all tall and skinny? I have 4 day old seedlings and another site has told me to bury up to leaves? Transplanting at this stage would be bad, right?


Yes, you can definitely do that . You may have another issue with your light source being too far away from the plants though. That is what is causing the stretching. You should start a “grow journal” here and fill out a ticket so we know what you are dealing with.


Thank you so very much for your reply and I will do this. Could I post a pic. of them so you can see what they look like? I have economy lights and I had them about 4 in. away and they r still stretching? I have red n blue color spectrum’s on the way to replace ASAP…


Click on this link, and then top of right hand column click on new topic to start your Journal.


,20 in Nov😊


Midwest. 65 and retired:grinning:


I’m 26 lol and wanting to get into the cannibis industry


A belated happy birthday @Rugar89

I’m 36 years young & First time grower :green_heart::seedling:


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Hi, I am 61 and a medical patient and started 3 or 4 years ago because ,NJ rips you off charging way too much at dispensary’s.


1971 model here!..hello ppl.


31 here but only 18 mentality :wink:


I am 74, another resident of South Florida


Come this September I will be 57 and smoked my first joint at 13 thanks to my big brother who I could steal from😂 Rest In Peace Wayne❤️


Just became a Nana to two adorable granddaughters life is wonderful :heart:️:heart:️


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25 here and on my first grow, 26 on Sept 29th… Damn time is flying by :disappointed:
Oh well, to another 25 years hopefully of growing !


You’ve commented on my threads. This puts your birthday on June 26? Cancer the crab my b day is June 28.


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I’m 22 the only youngster who is going to get it right I guess! :wink: