So how old is everyone here?


Hey man 56 over here still plugging along


Just turned 34 in June. Started growing at 15 with bag seeds. Stopped at 18 when I joined the military. Happy to be growing again! Once I had 50 plants going at one time in the woods where I grew up. It was about 20 acres. What a blast! In Florida, married, with twin new borns. Life is good!!! O- and did I mention " I love growing marijuana"!


What area in Florida are you in? I’m near Tampa north side of tampa


Jensen beach in Martin county. I have family in Tampa and visit a few times a year.


Don’t know where Martin is butbif you ever this way reach out to me and we can meet for a bite to eat and if all goes well share some 420 together


I came to California (from New York) for The Summer of Love. Been here ever since, San Francisco, Berkeley, Marin County, Silicon Valley. What a long, strange, trip it’s been.


For sure! I usually only drive with edibles, so I will bring some to share. So if you look at a map of Florida, go to the tip of lake Okeechobee, and head straight east to the coast, that’s Martin county. If your ever this way hit me up as well.


I’m turning the big 5-0 on 7-19!



My brothers band toured with the cottonmouth Kings one summer in calli. I went and loved it. If not for a great job, I would have never come back. We smoked green crack for two months straight, aka(loved it)!!!


Happy early birthday :tada:


Thanks my friend! Headed up to
Vermont’s North East Kingdom to celebrate with some mountain biking, trail running and paddling :heart_eyes::paw_prints::evergreen_tree:


Sounds like a blast. My twin and I go to a different spring every year for our birthday. We camp and BBQ and fill the woods with smoke clouds.




Yes, happy early birthday @Sl1. I hope it’s glorious.


55 Stumbled onto this site a couple months ago and found a lot of good folks ready to help an old newbie.


Turning 30 in October.


Will be 51 in October.


64 and a great gg(grandmom) from Florida


where do I go to ask a question please?


What’s the question? :wink: