So how old is everyone here?


How do I post a question on here have quite figured out sight yet


Think I got it so yall might find post from me in different spots till I get this figured out


Ya its a little confusing to figure out at first. Let us know if you need help.


I thought I was strong with the force when it came to the art of ceramics but I see I’m still just a Padawan learner. I made my masterpiece maybe a couple years later. And pay no attention to that arch on the wrong side of the foot. Wonder if I could turn it into an bong.


Hey thanks a lot iam on the east cost in va.


That’s awesome. That would make a sweet bong! Lol @kartch

As usual, outta likes :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Fifty and three is the age of me.
I was born at the exact same time as the great alaska erthquake


Kinda shook you loose @Willd …only joking!!! :wink:


I am 74 years young and am getting ready to start my very first grow. Came down with Leukemia 4 years ago and have since learned that marijuana is a wonder drug. Have therefore decided to grow my own medicine and to start a new hobby. JURI


Welcome. I’m glad to hear you’ve found more beneficial things to do than to allow aging and disease to control your life. Good for you.


Welcome to Ilgm @Jitters , the people here , paired with all the accumulated knowledge of Robert and staff,you will be growing A class meds in no time.
Have you downloaded the free grow bible yet? If not it can help a lot, along with the guides. Good luck to you! :sunglasses:


I have downloaded the grow bible and am doing as much as research as possible to get ready for the big day. I hope to be putting seeds in water very soon!
I am really looking forward to starting my grow and LEARNING!!
Thanks, Jitters


Just get on here and read as much as possible. Especially the grow journals pertaining to the medium, seed type, lighting, and tent that you will be using. Then you can see what worked and what didn’t for them.


@Jitters well we’re certainly glad you joined us! If you need some help or have questions. Start a new topic and tag folks by using the @ in front of the username like @Jitters

Happy to help you out or answer any questions as are many of the others too! MJ is a great weed!


Got to give credit where credit is due @4superskunk. I’m in the middle of a corn field in a not so progressive state. LOL


@bob31 you are truly an asset to this forum. Thanks very much for all that you do. Happy Father’s Day.


Thank you sir! Happy Father’s Day to you too! @Screwauger


And happy father’s day to all


Well hope it is the eating kind and not field corn but most likely field


I am 60 so far