So how old is everyone here?


Self taught havent been to college for growing only mechanical engineering, its a long story how I started growing but I started extremely young grew up with out my parents and needed some way some how to get money started selling cannabis by 12 (that woulda been around 7th grade) and devoted my time to nothing but growing, reading, studying doing whatever I could to make ends meet and be successful with growing. Started growing at the age of 13 and been on it since @MAXHeadRoom.

My goal growing up by myself with my bro was basically to help people medically in the medical cannabis industry. Then by 19 was married 20 had my first kid and that was nothing but motivation


Thats an awesome story. Well you have helped me and I have cancer and im sick of taking all there pills for pain. So you have achieved your goal with me. So since I live in Michigan I go a Med MJ card and here we are, growing together in perfect harmony. Thanks again for all your help



Man, some of us did not have the easiest of childhoods or teen years now did we? People keep telling me I should write a book but I think I pass that crown on to you.

Now I understand why you know so much about this subject and why you are so willing to help others.


My pleasure buddy and there’s lots more to it better shortened then a life story lol.

That’s awesome!! Makes me very happy to hear im happy im able to help you in the right direction hopefully we can get you off those meds :slight_smile:


Lol @Bobwags I could write a never ending book life for me has only begun lol

Absolutely growing up pretty much by yourself can really make a difference on your outlook in life. Between work here and my daily job there’s nothing else id rather be doing, especially the growing part and helping people with there medicine, you meet lots of great people along the way plus what a better way to live life than helping people with medical conditions and over all just dedicating time to medical patients who really need it.

Im willing to help every one not to mention go out of my way for most


How much do you know about LED lighting


Alot lol what do you want to know @MAXHeadRoom



Amen!! You’ve got a good head on your shoulders. I liked you from the beginning and now I understand why.


Thanks @Bobwags the kind words are very much appreciated same with you @MAXHeadRoom.


When I first started out, I knew nothing about LED lighting and I bought those cheap ebay light with no name. well come to find out they only run 10% of the advertised wattage out of the wall. Example the 1200w light only pulls 118w out the wall. So my question is can I change the drivers to super charge them to pull more watts out of the wall. I am looking at a Meanwell HLG 250w driver. I really dont care if I burn up the LEDs but of course I dont want to staret a fire either


I honestly think it would burn the led up immediately, however if you had a higher power led laying around you could always look into swapping the mother bored and modifying the heat sinks a little bit.

Or as for plan b you can order led chips which they higher the wattage the more efficient the chips will be also being far brighter.

Than there is plan c to add a small voltage regulator to the led panel and increase the voltage of the lights therefore giving out a higher output. Depending on the voltage regulator you add minimal weight to descent weight however youd also have to run the power wire and ground wire in the lighting system to the voltage regulator. Also making a rotor switch or pay a few extra bucks for a voltage regulator with a knob to control voltage going to the led chips them selves


This driver has a wire to hook that up. So your saying hook it all up and turn it on low at first and then crank up the power slowly. Till it BLOWS::scream_cat: The LEDs are Epistar 5w double chip. I was just trying to match the driver to the LED but I dont know the voltage of those LEDs. The wattage of this driver (250w) should be able to power 1200w of LEDs


I would try but at the same time being cautious not to blow any thing, i would give it a shot worse case scenario it burns out the led than lesson learned @MAXHeadRoom


50 and Happy Birthday -


I emailed the guys at chilled grow light. I will wait to here what they have to say. Hopefully they will know since there selling the driver.

Do you follow growmau5. He has alot of good videos. LEDs are like computers. if you want the latest and greatest you have to pay big money for it

Just trying to do a little hack on the ones I have.


I dont but I know how to play around and modify them.

Keep me posted on what they say buddy im interested in this for sure


I sure will.


Thank you much my friend greatly appreciated


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