So how old is everyone here?

Welcome to the 52 club :grinning:

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Young whippersnappers.


I’m 61 and a first time indoor grower here in Virginia…. Just legal for grow here a few months ago!


I’m a very high mileage 57 years old…ready to retire, but haven’t hit the lottery yet.


I am 56 feb 5th will be 57. my wife and i never had to grow up. No kids just fur babies. Feel and act 20ish just ask the mrs.


56 learned at 13 years old. all outdoor back then

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38 now started around 21

i will be 33 next month

Old enough to remember 4 finger bags for $10 and Led Zeppelin live. Well I kind of remember it if you know what I mean.
Like most of us old hippies…it’s just convincing our brains we’ve gotten older. Because my old disabled vet body sure let’s me know.


I feel your pain.As a veteranwho was in Germany74-77 heavy duty gas& diesel mechcanic anx after my body has ,OA and failed fusion. Today had to move work bench 400 lbs p7sh and shove to make room for electrical work I am redoing bigger light. I may wake up unable to move but I made gummie bears Thc coconut oil infused. Weed helps me move works better than the meds theVa gave me


I used to sell 4 finger. Bags when I was 16-17

And where I grew up all the strains were from some cool place…Thai stick, Columbian and Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, Baggio weed (Philippines) Black Jamaican. That’s not counting the strains from the coast and northern Cal. Mostly no name killer Weed. We just called it Humboldt.
Hope your not hurting to bad today.

I remember Thai Sticks the 1st time we got them off-base in Germany. WOW I remember smoking a bowl and CUE “Lost in Space” Music the 60’s show one… Amazing stuff because we would get stuff from Morocco and northern Africa ,Holland were it was legal then, Black ,green, gold and opium hash and stuff from Vietnam. Guys would come to our unit form In Country and bring some wild stuff from the Jungles…A fun time 3rd floor you could get a contact high from just walking down the hallway.

Back in high school we used to every often get the vac sealed cans allegedly maui like for racquet balls, open it up and it would spring out like the snake in a can trick.

I’m 50 ×2 -59

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  1. Been smoking since I was 16. 3rd grow. 2nd inside but 1st with grow tent

Old enough to remember $35 quarter pounds and saw Led Zepplin live! Hash was everywhere and you never had to worry if anything was tainted…


Yes I got to spend a wonderful 18 months in South East Asia and the pacific theatres. I remember being in Bangkok and giving a cop $10 to get me some Thia stick. Crazy bastard brought me a bag with 40 in it. He casually tells me then that they where only 25 cents a piece. So I gave him a $10 tip. That cop took care of anything I needed for the few days I was in country. Lol


And guys would sell us Thai sticks for 25 marks about 12 bucks US

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Age 41
Feel like I’m 21 or 60 depending on the day
Looks age 20 on a good day

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