So how old is everyone here?


Happy belated birthday @Rugar89 , 50 here


The big four oh this year. 40 is the new something.


52 and first grow in over 20 years


34 here​:heart::heart::heart::heart:



Well, it would appear there are many of us who were born within a decade of each other. That would account for the attitudes of those from this website versus other sites.

Google has many times sent me to other websites with member boards where I quickly grew tired of the insults, put-downs, name-calling, etc. I’ve not seen even once any such behavior here. We’ve all mellowed in our middle age :slight_smile:

I work exclusively with kids in their late teens and twenties. I enjoy it but I like the community here as I can plant my butt on my couch and actually relate to others without being called an old man. Ha! “I may be desperately but I ain’t boring” - Pete Townsend

I’m sorry about your parents. Your mother was so young, as was your dad. Our histories are very similar as my mom died when she was 41 and two years later my father died and he was 62. I was 14 and 16 respectively when that happened. Isn’t it amazing that after all these years you still miss them?

How old am I? Hmmm, don’t remember but I do know that Wake Up Little Susie, Whole Lotta Shakin goin on, All Shook Up and Jailhouse Rock, and some dude named Buddy Holly we’re all big the year I was born :scream:

Glad you are here and hope to see a lot of posts and photos from you


Happy belated birthday @Rugar89!
I am 75 living in South Florida



Not “old and wise”. We prefer “SEASONED and wise”. :slight_smile:



22??? I have Rod Stewart and Rolling Stones concert t-shirts and programs that are a lot older than you! :laughing:


Thanks for the kind words and empathy! Much appreciated. My mom had been sick with cancer for several years. Back then, they cut it out or you didn’t make it. She had seen many that had been mutilated by surgery and she didn’t want that, at all. She threatened suicide (my dad says) rather than to be cut up like those she saw in the Buffalo Cancer Institute in 1970. God rest her soul, she died on the OR table having a lung removed. All started in her ovaries. TMI I know but I rarely ever talk about her. Sad part is they figure my dad contracted hep B from her as there were no blood screens then. He became a carrier and never got sick until it was too late for him. Life is hard!

Saw the Who 3 times, always a great concert. I’ve been told I look like Pete Townsend but really it’s just a polite way of saying, “wow, your nose is gigantic.”

Stay strong and it’s great to meet you. Off to the store to buy pool supplies!!


Awesome… Makes me feel like a baby



My mom had cancer as well which started in ovaries and spread. That happened in 1970 as well and she died in 71. If the same would have happened today she would have been saved. Thank God for medical advancement.

I saw the Who once in 1980. Great show. Back in the late seventies and early eighties my friend had a home studio and we would record. I play guitar and he was a drummer. I was told when I sang I sounded like Pete Townsend. A nice way to say I struggled when trying to hit higher notes. I did not continue my career as a singer :slight_smile:

Get that pool up and running. In my backyard is an old above ground pool which I have to take apart in the next couple of weeks. Not looking forward to that.



There’s nothing wrong with feeling like a baby. I’m still refusing to grow up. I think as soon as you do that’s when you start getting old. Not for me! My 30 year old niece tells her friends that I’m the oldest little kid she’s ever seen.

Back in, ahem, 1968 I was living in the north San Francisco Bay area and in school we had a week of ceramics. I showed off my talent by making this extremely lifelike and highly touted sculpture. :laughing: The dad of my best friend at the time had this on his work desk for about 30 years before it was finally returned to me not that long ago. By the way, this was my first and last attempt at ceramics.

So this here bust is what, 28 yrs older than you? God, I feel old…

Sorry to highjack your thread @Rugar89


Lol physically young, mentally I feel old im to smart for my own good sometimes depends on the category @BobWags


Happy birthday



Well, you sure know your stuff when it comes to growing and I, for one, am thankful for that.


@Laurap it’s next Sunday…11th… but thanks :grin:


I’ll hit you up then as well🙃


Isn’t that something. My Mom died in 1971 also, I had not yet turned 11.

Pool nearly full, pump hooked up and chems waiting to go in…

Happy Sunday eve. Puff Puff, wait, no one here, puff puff. Tasty stuff.



Yeah, that is something. Monday, June 21, 1971. Still when I hear, Never Can Say Goodbye, Rainy Days and Mondays, It’s Too Late, How Can You Mend a Broken Heart, and a few others I’m taken right back there just like it was yesterday. I was 14.

I’ve then pulling off small flowering budlets that are not getting any light and drying them. I smoked a bowl full of them last night and actually got pretty damn High. I have a little more left and I’m going to do moretonight so puff puff indeed :slight_smile:


If you dont mind me asking, how long have you been growing and did you go to college to learn this stuff or self taught. You are one very smart individual among others here.