So how old is everyone here?


@peachfuzz @EarlyPearl Thanks for posting! And all the :birthday: wishes from everyone!


@McLovin777… Your the youngest so far… Woohoo!!, maybe you get free seeds or something lol


That’s so funny @Zombo still sitting here laughing! I doubt that would happen, but you never know! @latewood


I think @Majiktoker has him beat by a couple years… lol


Ill be 22 July 24th



Happy belated birthday and I hope for you many more to come. Look at it this way if you live to be 70 yrs old x’s 365 days a year. That’s 25550 days on this great green earth live them all to the fullest


Happy birthday rugar


Not quite 40, nor as young as 35… :slight_smile:


Happy belated birthday @Rugar89
37 here
@Nug-bug out


Glad to see everyone is old and wise ^.^ I am only 23 but I hope to learn a lot as i grow (pun intended)


Lots of old farts, I’m 63😀


I’m 27, but have the soul of a 17 year old still lol!



63 next Sunday…:birthday:


Looks like I’m in good company.


I’ll be turning the big 6-0 come the end of the year. A couple buddies and myself actually tried growing a couple plants back around 1969-70. Got our hands on a half way decent nickel bag of Mex with plenty of seeds to choose from. YEP, the good old days, 1\4 oz., before removing stems and seeds, for 5 bucks. Now, 41yr. after graduation, I finally know what I want to be and had I stuck with it after we tried growing those two undocumented border crossers down by the creek I’m sure I could have been either a Kush Lord at a Haze Master by now. Instead I’m just an old kush in an amnesia haze waiting for my midichlorians to turn amber so I can smoke them little microscopic, symbiotic life forms.:older_man:


I’m only going to be 61 the end of June. I’m not old, I’m not old, I’m not old. I have to repeat things so I don’t forget.


Happy belated birthday. I am 53 and love that I can grow my own. Nothing better than smoking your own weed


50 here…time sure does fly!


Fifty-eight (isn’t this post number 58?) (nope . . . 59)


Yeah, just don’t forget to tap your ruby slippers together three times. LOL!