So how old is everyone here?


I am a bro :sweat_smile: “your only as old as the woman you FEEL”

Means… I’m 42 but at the moment the woman I’m “feeling” is 23

I’ll spell it out … I’m 42, my girlfriend is 23 :laughing:


I dunno how you do it. I tried dating this 29 year old Italian a few years ago when I was in my mid 40s… after one too many blank stares at a Seinfeld or M.A.S.H reference I decided I needed to get back in with my own generation.


He’s an Aussie … you can’t trust em :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Aye bro @GreenCoat


You’re right I lied shes 22 she turns 23 in 2 mths … last one was a sexy French stripper 24 :wink:


We don’t watch too much TV … this one is a mad nymph when shes stoned. Loves it!!


I’d share my Instagram but I cant trust a kiwi… aye @Kiwiknight :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cool, I am 68 , 69 in December and for the pain thing your right.


:joy: :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


That’s right @GreenCoat.

You better watch yourself :joy::point_left:t6:


@GreenCoat. Photo or it didn’t happen :yum:


Cant post porn pics here sorry




Haha when I was 17 and online chatting was new and there was no stigma about it… man!! Did I get wild with meeting girls. Today, I just date property managers because I work closely with them being a tradie and all.

The amount of times I’ve disgraced the kitchen benches of vacant properties… haha gotta love it!


I’d post pictures @Kiwiknight but you’d probably screenshot them and use them :joy::joy::joy: you dirty kiwis


@Kiwiknight ok here is one I can share because shes in the public eye.

Search “little jodie” (Jodie Moore) we were both each others first when we were 16. I was best mates with her brother Damien :wink:


We understand @GreenCoat. “You don’t have any”

It’s ok your probably into your 2nd carton of Victoria bitter by now being an
Aussie and all that😎


Haha I like your banter, it’s cute!


Peace out



Better leave things at that haha you can have the last word on this . Gotta get some work done!


Lol :joy::joy::joy::joy: