So how old is everyone here?


congratulations, glad to hear I’m not the oldest one at 72. Only med I need (aside from canna) is 25mg diuretic (hct) for bp.


I hear you Geezer, I dumped all my 13 different pills a while back and just use my own meds…

and needless to say, I don’t have sugar problems after stopping the meds…
My blood pressure has been the same or better,

My pocket book is way better…

and Big Pharma, well, xoso!xxoow them… .


Lol … I just noticed the name…


56 years young! First grow!


Nice and I hope that you will enjoy your experience here


Already am! Thanks!!


what’cha growining ?


I have no clue! Just a random seed i found, thought it was burnt. Tossed it into a spider plant, three days later, there she (:crossed_fingers:) was! I have green hands so I thought I’d see what happened!


your gonna have a whale of a time on this Forum !

the Guides above are brilliant and here is a little something for you to bookmark for reference down the days of your grow…:man_farmer::sun_with_face::rainbow::zap:


Somehow missed this thread, wasted the morning getting a few grins from it. I’m 78, gettin’ close to 79. OMG.
First concerts seem to be a milestone for some; how about Fats Domino, Palomar Ballroom, San Jose, CA in 1955.


I love your art work. Brings back memories of my first born son. Since he died when he was 36, those years are precious to me. He made some really weird things in art class, makes me wonder now if he was high on weed. lol I just took apicture of one of them but I don’t know how to send it here, sorry.


Hey,guys 'n gals! 72,first grow,haven’t had a toke in 50 yrs.Very excited about what feels like a new hobby.


Dang, i am just as excited for ya!

Ut will be like, (why hadnt i done this sooner!) Sweet!


I’m excited for ya too @unclebunker… Specially with weed genetics like nowadays, you’ll be blasted back to the past!!! Sorry for your loss @roseofsharon, it’s been a rough week for my wife… it was her younger sisters b -day on the 7th who passed age 21… AND wow Fats Domino huh @roaddog. That concert was in black n white I bet… lol


I love the pink bucket @Jeansnbootsgal… green thumbs = green buds. :sunglasses:


@unclebunker . I was saddled with a DOT job, so did not participate. That’s behind me, and catchin’ up. Growing primarily for my wife’s medical issues.


Thank you @LoCoRock, for taking the time out to console my loss. A mother’s loss is a hard one. I hope your wife is doing better from her recent loss. When you get in your seventies you better live your life to the fullest and do all those things you wanted to do but didn’t. Learning how to grow marijuana is one of mine. My little plants are 2 weeks old and I swear I can smell them. lol I’m excited like @unclebunker and it is becoming a great hobby. I was doing it for my Vietnam Veteran husband but now mostly because I can.


ditto here on 72… 73 in october. Been tokin for decades, great health only med is a bit of hct for bp.


Dang LoCo, that sucks… I’ll say one for your wife family!


I’m hoping so! :crossed_fingers: