So how old is everyone here?


I was wondering if someone knew what the red stems mean. I figure too much or not enough of something. My beautiful plant lost all of the sticky and all of the smell very quickly.


My 2 cents is cold or just genetics, stress is the next one w Cal Mag correcting a magnesium deficiency. If you have 2(or more) of same strain, are they doing the same? Next is filling out a ticket!


I have 9 same strain and they act is not syncroniced. There all different. Thats a facto.


I’m a 65 yo newbie here. Getting ready to start my first grow as soon as I can get the renovation workers out of my house. I’ll be back with questions soon.


James68.5 :man_farmer::rainbow:


Welcome aboard !..let me offer up this gem of wisdom from the off…whilst you are awaiting for the renovation to finish…read read read the GUIDES above on the right…all the keys to the Green Kingdom await you there…having major fun making pot is the key !

James68.5 :man_farmer::rainbow:


Is this Mental age or Physical?

Mentally i vary depending on my state of mind…usually 21 but sometimes 50-60 :joy:
Physically im 29

Crazy how a few years can change your attitude, perception and perspective of life :grin:


I like it, Covert grow… right out in the middle of the yard where it looks like a weed!

Nice job!

P.S. Can I mow?



49 over my way… .

I find it interesting to see all the ages…

Defiantly depicts the time frame of what world we lived in during the younger years.

I see a few exceptions…

Reminds me, I went into the Medical/Rec shop in Colorado for the first time, I was expecting to see a bunch of kids there, well most of them was way older than I am… I was like yeah… Wisdom with AGE! I can’t wait to get older… while I chill getting there!


The generational difference lives in my family. My mother is still in awe of being able to go into a store and legally purchase weed. Meanwhile my son sees it as normal.


Totally get it, and in time it needs to be normal!

It amazes me how brain washed the public is on certain agendas.

I am glad to see in the US, the older guys who are now running office at the WHouse, are guys like us from the 60’s, Good to see them changing policy.

Heck Even Clinton smoked…

but he is born and from Arkansas like myself, that might have something to do with it. LOL :rofl:. In his day the public wasn’t ready for it, but at least he had the balls to admit it… Now I think the public is closer to being ready…

My rant for the day… back to growing


49 years old soon to be…gasp, 50.


I hear you… my big 50 is in July… … . dang… need to have plenty grown by then… ha!


Thank God I still got 5 yrs to 50… Tell me how it goes!!!


Usually has a down hill grade to it. :grin::v:
59 here. :+1:


Good grief - 49 come June. Hopefully if things go right, at least I’ll have my own smoke to celebrate the day :v:


Wen did a plant become a drug o well the government will say anything and fam yr doing well frm the last time I looked in blessd


happy belated birthday. I’m 76, my birthday was end of Dec.


happy belated birthday, must suck a tad being so close to Christmas!


Happy anniversary! :cake: