So how old is everyone here?


I was at the GNR and Metallic concert/riot too. It was the best of times etc. My auto flower amenisa haze is flowering already. Planted on oct 23rd. It is only about 12” tall. It is so small but so strong. In dirt the good Fox frog stuff. I bobbed the tops and might get 10 good buds. I’m born in 51 graduated class of 69. Went to Woodstock 69 & 94. Was in Cali not long after Woodstock. About 2 years later arrived in Hull Quebec Hash capital of North America. Lived there became a citizen 29 years and now been in Fl for 18. Have back fusion that took me out of work in 2016. Only quit smoking to get into a pain mngr since 1969. Took 5 months to get clean. It was horrible
Anyway any suggestion on my petite miss amnesia


Did you transplant after germination? I’ve read that autos are more easily shocked by transplanting so that could delay growth…


this Friday will be 11 weeks. Wwa


I’m 51 and going strong


Feeder I don’t know if I’m replying in the right spot. I also don’t know how to insert a picture. My Amnesia Haze was not transplanted. I put it in a 3 gal bucket Home Depot. I used the Frog dirt from Fox. It started off great very strong not stringing at all. The main stock is very thick and the plant is sturdy and happy. It is just so short. I leave my lights off in the day and turn them back on at night. Only 1 night so they ran the full 48 straight. I wanted to root some this time but everything’s happening so fast. Any way I will get any height I am now in flowering stage.


Glad to great you are doing well. Really let them work on that most important ROM. I have an old (80’s) left surpraspinatis ligament rupture history. One of the 3 major ligaments of the rotator group. Mine effects when i put my thumb straight up snd raise my arm at 45 degrees. Tough getting my winter coat on right now. It too will pass. Just found some blonde hash i had hid. Hash under glass Christmas eve at my place. Ha, ha @raustin. Merry Christmas!:sunglasses:


Hi welcome. I suggest to go to forum and read DIY lights. You will no doubt be in contact with the light guru in this very forum. I will tag him for you. @dbrn32 Good luck, great grow!:sunglasses:


What’s your power cost? And do you need lights to be $30 per month or entire grow? You’ll likely have at least some fans we need to account for.

Good efficient leds with dimmer not a problem, but they’re not cheap. Do you already have a space to grow in, or are you looking for a tent or something too?


I didn’t transplant. I gave it 6-4-4 juice on the 3rd week. She was strong and bushy. The stem is the thickest I’ve ever seen for the age. I don’t know how to put a pic on the forum. Can you tell me how.

She changes daily, actually about every 4 hours and is flowering like crazy. I’m going to clean the bottom up and see if I can cut some suckers and root them. Some of those bottom branches are not flowering yet.


I won’t say how old I am, but I will tell you that I have been around the sun 55 times :grinning:


My power is .15/Kw, the $30 approximates monthly elec usage for daily 18/6 lamp and fan(s). No big deal if it hits $40 once in a while. I have plenty of space so I don’t really need a tent unless I want to do some regular photo sensitive grows but hoping that autos will keep us happy year round if I can harvest 12 outdoor plants every year by October. That being said, I expect I will have a tax refund coming along before long and there may be some wiggle room for a tent, it would be nice to have just to provide some flexibility on which room I grow in…

I’m looking at a 600w LED light on Amazon with dimmers that draws 240w, I think it could do ok over a 2 x 2 tray area. or even 3x3 to just veg a couple to move outside for flowering. It’s likely I’ll need to do an indoor grow over next winter before I get the hang of managing the outdoor plan.


Sounds like plan. At .15 per kwh you’re going to have to stay under 400 watts total be in neighborhood of $30 per month. That doesn’t include delivery fees or anything, just usage.

You can light a 3x3 for flower in that range if you have good stuff. It gets pricy though. If you grow in an open space you’ll have a light spill that will cause you to need more light to keep intensity up, which is more power on the bill. Just some things to consider.


Most of the LED lights I’m looking at draw around 250w so 400 is reasonable with a fan. I do plan to surround the plant(s) with white painted reflector walls. I may even build a folding wall with legs to allow air circulation from below. I could also use it for a windbreaker when I go ice fishing… :penguin:


That sounds great. I just realized we are in members lounge, and we don’t typically do support here. If you have further questions I would start a new thread under indoor growing sub category lights and ventilation. I’d be happy to assist you further if needed.


@Hippiebeachbiker the little grey square in the bottom right of a mountain is to add a pic. If I heard you correct, your gonna try and clone an auto? BTW big congrats off the opiods… it is literally a shit show getting off them, or even the subs after that.:+1:


Is there a problem cloning the auto feminize? I thought If you cloned off the female it would always be the same quality as the Mother? Is that wrong. I mean I know some things can happen and the quality will change but grow for grow shouldn’t they match.


I believe you’ll find cloning an auto pretty tricky + it will practically be in flower as its rooting which makes production minimal. Someone with some auto experience & advanced knowledge will drop in w advice or better yet start a support thread


I cloned off a Auto Northern Lights last summer and it ended up being more of a novelty grow, it grew into a bonsai auto with a modest amount of bud, it did toke well.
Experiment, its all part of your green education. :man_farmer:


This is my third amnesia haze auto. The first one was tall and beautiful. About 4ft. Didn’t get the weight on it because I kept smoking it. Lol. Anyway my second was beautiful also getting tall about 3 ft and it stopped smelling one day. The only thing I could find wrong with it was the main stem had turned red. I just cut it and my losses. The buds are beautiful but smell bad taste bad and no buzz. So for #3 I bought the frog dirt and Nuits from Fox farm. Planted before thanksgiving a few days and she a blooming fool. She is small and like you said a bonsai of great power. I think I rooted the 2 and will see where they take me.


Hey HBB what do the red stems mean