So how old is everyone here?


I went to a Santana concert in S.F. at the Fillmore shortly after their first LP came out… I was tripping and missed most of the performance have always regretted that. Hate to think about it. omg I think I’m tripping again.


ya got me going dude :star_struck: …I am in Paris at a Led Zepplin concert a thousand years ago, on fine acid and I couldn’t speak French…best trip of my life :sunglasses:


Love Johnny Vegas…
Will give it a watch. Thanks


Report back to me if you enjoyed Ideal…Please pass this around to your chosen people.

Xmas Vibes +



Welcome, lots of good people here that will help if you need it!


Ok now I no lol. I need to get a bigger tent


That was pretty funny :smile: she said catnip :joy::joy::joy:


I believe it was in mid - August @James68. It rained so damn much. Always raining or horribly humid. Trying to figure out a better way to circulate the air. Things will be different this year.:sunglasses:


Any physical therapy in your plan? @garrigan65 You would benefit with the right program. Range of motion is very important.:wink::sunglasses:


Thats fucking awesome. @Oldguy :sunglasses:


Thank you @stretchgfw.1957
It’s my first screen. Tried just letting them grow last couple times and I can see a big diff this way already. Many fine examples on this support forum. And everyone so eager to help with issues if need be. Tips from all sides by reading other posts too.
Only 2 weeks since 12/12 yesterday.


My buddy in Ireland had 100% failure rate due to Botryitis, it seems he had the same meteorological conditions as us
I am in contact with and will report back with info when it is at hand.
Understanding meteorology and spore development is the key here for outdoor growers who suffer the Grey Mould, in my humble opinion.


That’s just what their working on now. Range of motion. And electic shock for muscule relaxsation. Sorry about spelling … lol


J68 and a half


44 here… Yes this is the best forum I have found most definitely…quick acid story… Montreal - Metallica/ GNR, James got hit by the pyrotechnics ( tripping I tried to warn him LOL)
Then the riot afterwards because Axl is a Dickhead, he could have saved the day! WHAT A NIGHT!!!


I’m singing “When I’m 64” to my wife 'cause thats what I’ll be in July…been losing my hair for awhile though.


“Stoned in the garden, smokin’ some weed,
who could ask for more?”


Ah, Amsterdam… I love the memories this forum churns up.

I lived in Rotterdam for a couple years, 77-79, my son was born there. I recall a 700th anniversary of something or other, we could see some parades from out balcony. Our building was at the far end of a train station parking lot and the train to Amsterdam was just a 1 hr ride and passed thru the town of Deft. I would buy bricks of hash for my buddies in Germany and ride the train to Frankfurt… omg I could still be in jail.



There are a bunch of snowbird Yoopers scattered around mid-state, a couple in Crystal River. Yoopers down there get together on St. Patricks day and get shitfaced. I’ve only been down to visit once, not sure if I’ll lever go again.

So great to read that you & Mrs. hit up all day long, It makes me hopeful I can get back in a better groove with some different smoke than I have. It just lays me down by noon and/or gives me a hangover in the morning, I started to worry about old age (72) coming to roost but apparently it’s just a side effect of this weed I have. It is smoke I picked up months ago after I went for 6 months without smoking at all, don’t know the strain. Eventually I’ve discovered that if I quit for a couple days the hangover feelings vanish so I have to practically measure/regulate the daily usage of this weed to avoid the crush. Luckily, a couple days ago I connected with a local friend who is growing enough to help me out until I get my own setup running.