So how old is everyone here?


@H146. I have run into mold much more often in the last few years outside so I’m having some mixed feelings. I really like outdoor for yield. I’ve had some very nice harvests. :grin:
But the indoor route is getting better with each one. First 2 weren’t so good. I hope this current one will be much better.
Trying a screen for first time.
I like the idea of keeping an even canopy.


Wow I hope I don’t experience any mold. What kind are you growing


I’ve got 3 sweet amnesia that I cut from an 8 1/2 ft mom on 9 Sept.


I never heard of that kind that’s new. Can I see a pic of what they look like


How’s that. :grin:


@H146 Take into account I just tucked the :poop: out of them just before pic. That was yesterday. All are pointing up today. :+1:


Nice :nose:t6::hotsprings: What does the screen do


That allows me to train the shoots to as many holes as I can to keep the top of the screen more even. Making for more even growth.


Yes Sir, I am itching to go with Hindu Kush and Afghani next season .
I have a suspicion about the grey rot and that it may have found an entry into my gals when I manicured them, its only a thought . I need to mull things over. What month did the mold start with you ?
pax J68



The shoulder is still very sore and thank you very much for asking. It’s going to be one of those long winding roads. lol


Born in 77. 42 yrs old I think? Lol


Late 50s vintage here! Not old, just well seasoned.


Normally I’m a lurker but since I noticed this topic and paged thru it I’ll venture a membership. Nice to see some seniors here and so many other older folks who be past ego trips and all the other unpleasant attitudes I’ve seen in other forums. At 72yrs old and a recently (3 months) retired computer guy I’ve been in a bunch of forums that were a waste of energy.

I’ve grown weed before with all care and respect due to weeds, with very good results. Now I’m looking to take care to grow/cure better flavor. I’m up in the Great White North where variety hasn’t much existed but recreational weed was just legalized so let the fun begin and the varieties flourish.

I’ve been researching LED grow lights that won’t cost more than $30/mo to run. I’d like to have one with dimmers but have only found one so far that I can fit in the budget. Will watch prices for a couple months and maybe they will drop.

My plan is to go with a pack of 5 autoflower seeds and assume that not more than 4 will mature, so imo a ‘600’ watt lamp will do the job nicely. I want dimmers in order to multi-purpose between weed and other grows as a few oz of good weed could last me most of a year. Or I might find a separate 300 watt lamp if I see better pricing that way.

I know Chinese lamps suffer quality control issues and some inferior components but with Amazon’s great return policy I have time to try out a unit or two before I’m ready to grow… several months yet before I a back into my home (and sunny rural backyard).


Welcome to the Ponderosa geezer906


New guy here as well. born in the late 50s
Old enough to remember when we thought seeds in the bag was a bad thing…Lol


I remember getting weirdly high from seeds in 78’ in LA ;it was all i had, just before a Frank Zapper concert at UCLA…it was most interesting…I think. :man_farmer::santa:


Lol…I attended many concerts I have no memories of except that I know I went.
Balboa stadium in San Diego all day events. Im sure I had fun…:sunglasses:


Seasons Greetings from Wales Norman :santa::man_farmer:
The Internet is very cool, eh ?


Thanks. Its great …
BTW Spiney Norman was a hedgehog in a Monty Python sketch about a Scotsman beating a Blancmange at Wimbledon. Lol…Love those guys.


Of course ! it’s all comng back to me now !

this is for you man…put your seat belt on and spark up !