So how old is everyone here?


I’m 59 going on 40 I don’t use Mj My wife and her mom smoke all day every day it seams. but i love growing it I’ve been watching my brother grow for years helped him back in the 70s and 80s in Santa Cruz and Humboldt. This year was my first grow by myself had to stop paying for the dispensary.


I hope you did not smoke moldy weed. Not good if you did. @James68


I am 62 but will be 63 this month. I am on my third grow and just bought another lamp and a tent.


59 next month. 15 years outside. Only 3rd grow indoor. And it’s been a def learning curve. :+1:
Everyone on this ilgm site has been so helpful with tips and tricks. I just wanna thank u all. :+1::+1::+1:


36 and starting my first grow


Nice I wish you success :+1:t6:


Hello Stretch,

my apologies for not replying earlier re: The Dreaded Mould (Mold US)
no, i did not have the courage to try it after reading your wise words.
Did you know that French wine growers activley encourage the growth when they want to make a specific wine.
Sommeliers often use the words “honey,” “beeswax” and “ginger” to describe the flavors that botrytis adds to wine.

I will try it out on the winter solstice on 21st of December and report back to you if the missus can scrape me off the cieling…ho ho :santa:


I don’t blame you. I don’t think I would have tried it to


it could be interesting though


And Dangerous LOL


I was in Goa in '69 -70…and the Weird is no stranger to me.


Lol :joy: that was crazy


30 ish first side. :hugs:


I wish you the best and this site is all the information you need :+1:t6:


Yo @James68 youre from across the pond i guess. No worries. When i did it first i was scared. No worries at all. Gets rid of PWD guaranteed. Just follow the dilution with peroxide spray during grow if necessary. Bathing in 5 gallons at harvest is recommended to get rid of any nastiness from nature. If you have an insect problem use DE powder ( its like making the bugs walk on razors) and or buy ladybugs and praying mantis’. All natural.:wink::sunglasses: Dont be afraid to try stuff. Lots of very smart people available ALL the time here. Any problem. Any topic. Just start one and people will respond.


Interesting reading about benefits of boytus. Check this out @garrigan65 . Hows the shoulder dude? :thinking::sunglasses:


Thanks stretchgfw.1957

Today I drove down to the village from my mountain eyrie to get provisions in for the Winter Solstice celebrations up here at Rancho DeLuxe .
I was heading to the checkout till and they had a display of Botyritis wine and I thought of our Grey Mould chats…:santa:


That damn boytris wreaked havoc here in the NE USA this year.:face_with_head_bandage: Looking forward to setting up for spring. How about you? All legal at this end.:grin:


22 and raised in the garden, long time reader, finally confident in posting. Hopefully it doesn’t take long til I can post my mixes for everyone


Which do you prefer inside or outside

This is one of three auto flower and white widow’s