So how old is everyone here?


@raustin. Found it. Thanks. Can’t see for looking…lol…


Here you go.


Great! I have 4 little bags of this stuff that came with a box of used equipment I bought and didn’t know how much to mix.


I was born in 1945, 3 days after Hitler supposedly committed suicide. I guess that makes me 73.

Started growing my own smoke in the late 1960’s, seeds from whomever or from herb I bought.

This year was undoubtedly the best crop I’ve produced. 2nd week into vegetation I started using Nestor of the Gods nutrients, best move I’ve ever made. Started out with 16 plants and ended up with 14. Still a very good crop for the Mrs. and me.

Best overall strain I grew this year was AK 45. As far as I’m concern AK must mean “ass kicking”. After the 3rd hit, you really must put the smoke down for a while or you will end up taking a trip without leaving the farm.

Already planning on next years crop, more AK and some Purple stuff.

God Bless.


Could not help but say “hi” to another old timer. I’m 73.


when i visit my cuz in Amsterdam it is quite normal to have a mellow puff or two at the Kashmir Lounge ( ) with 80 + year old guys, and they all have hair down to their ass and and are younger than youth.



Sounds like a great lounge to visit.

Here in Florida, the Mrs. and I start our day off with hot coffee and sativa homegrown. Since we are both retired, we pretty much stay with hitting the herb throughout the day. In the evenings we switch over to indica, homegrown of course.
I try to have sufficient smoke around so guest will not have to transport their smoke when they come visiting.
The group I hang with are mostly all older then I, probably like the guys at the Kashmir Lounge. We’re just old hippies who don’t want to hurt anyone and like to believe that good will overcome evil.

Take care and keep puffing.

Dude image


Post a picture of the bottle


62 yrs old and been smoking cannabis since 72. I have been rediscovering my old favorites and trying to grow them.


Peace Dude
James68 :man_farmer:


Don’t need to @H146. Found the chart for usage.


32 yrs old here, but younger at heart.


I am with you regarding the pain


43 with a few grows under my belt


Nice welcome I’m 48 and New to growing


I am now 59 and still not2sure :grinning: I don’t smoke but love growing this stuff :grin: Or maybe it is just all the great friends I have made here that make me like this so much.Any ways, I don’t plan on leaving here for a long time :grin:


I have just read out loud your post to my wife of 38 years and you touched our souls.
I am in awe of the power of your words.

Best Wishes from West Wales
James68 :man_farmer::woman_farmer::seedling::droplet::rainbow:


Hi stretchgfw.1957,

i just came across your pictures and was wondering how you got on with the filthy GREY MOULD situation…?

I also had it in late Sept and I removed the damaged grey weed and isolated it and dried it for two months in a rolled up newspaper and just had a smoke (Ascent Vaporizer) it tasted a tad weird but got me so very high.

  1. But I’m pretty sure I feel like 60.


Simple solution. H2O2 spray. Mix 8 oz peroxide to 5 gallons. Spray on during grow. Dip/bathe at harvest then rinse with water. Gets rid of that mold. I hope this helps. Scroll through the topic page. You’ll see something interesting every time. Meet some of these great people here.