So how old is everyone here?


Thanks! @McLovin777


@McLovin777 Don’t rush it my man. Life goes by so fast. Was always told the same thing when I was your age and just brushed it off. I know it seems you still have a eternity ahead of you, but in 30 years you will wonder how all that time passed so fast. Live EVERY day like its your last!


Well said! @Rugar89


@bob31 Thank you sir! And as usual, fresh out of likes. LOL


Ok np then give a +1 lol

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@Rugar89, a belated birthday to you.

I turned 29 I mean 59 last month. Just remember for all ages: it ain’t the age, it’s the miles! Lol


I’m 35. Firstime grower and this is what I got.


All outside with Florida sun and miracle grow sticks and store bought water.


@Myfriendis410 I hear ya my friend. And some days it feels like them double bonus miles kick in! LOL


@Warmongral Very Nice! Keep em green!


@Rugar89 Happy Birthday ol man… 61 here


I will be 57 this year…a '60’s love child. First toke was 1974, been chronic ever since.


Not sure if this is a good cross section of ILGM but it seems the majority are well seasoned !


Oh man I second this, in spades if that’s possible. I am 57 and both parents are gone RIP (mom died age 31, Dad age 62). My Dad lived for retirement and he never got there. All those plans, all those dreams all that rainy day money…he had to accept reality in a hospice bed. Hard it was but I learned one thing…Live for today. My oldest daughter is 31 and about to give birth to the first grandchild. Like @Rugar89 said, seems like only a few years ago I was strapping her in the front seat of my truck every morning.


@Sasquatch @Screwauger Thanks for the posts. I had a feeling the over 50 crowd was going to be the majority here when I started this thread. (Nothing against the younger crowd of course!)


Happy b day my friend… :wink: :grinning::laughing:
I’ll be 40 in about 25 days… :wink:
Time goes by way too fast my friends… :cry:



53 this year.


Thanks @Mclovin777!