So how old is everyone here?


54 years of planet Earth.


Seasoned grower here 36 years old from Aus. Very illegal here too so as the UK people say it’s good to be able to talk freely to people about the passion of growing and getting high.


61 years young man.:sunglasses: Growing legal in Boston, MA area. Learning every day from people that know WAY more than me. All good stuff!


Seem to see a lot of New England people here. Feels good. Loving the weather this year?? 61 just South of Boston. Growing off and on outdoors for many years. Still learning to do it better. All from here.:sunglasses:



Welcome! Hated this summer with a passion. Tomorrow the crisp air rolls in and I’m excited about it. I just put my plants in flower this week. I think this is my fourth grow. I’m losing count.

When I first started I was on here with photos and stressing about every little mark on a leaf. Now I pay them no attention other than watering. If I see some yellow leaves I just wait until they fall off. I must have driven all these people crazy the first 6 months. They are a bunch of really great folks and I could not have done it without them.

Keep everyone updated along with photos.



Looks like you’re inside. I’m outside. AK 47 x5, Aurora Iddica x1, Blackjack x1. All from seed. Watching the weather. Hoping for a couple more weeks of NO FROST.:sunglasses: I’m like you. Don’t fuss so much, just enough from this forum. Going to see them this weekend. Good pictures to follow. Stay here, its all real good.:sunglasses:@bobwags


@BobWags, pictures as promised.


I’m as old as my tongue and a little older than my teeth.



Those look great! Good job on them. Looking Out My Window the next door neighbor has three plants in his yard in pots that look just like that. I’m jealous.


I’m 39 and on my second grow. I dont grow for me, but for my wife of almost 20 years. She has Lupus and has beat breast cancer. But the lupus has messed her kidneys and all the docs wanna do is push pain pills at her, further messing up kidneys and liver. She feels nauseated alot and stays in pain. She hates to take the pain medication, so I grow for all reasons. My wife is 41 and tries so hard to live a normal life. She’s very good to me. She cooks, cleans and somehow manages to take care of teenagers while I’m at work. So the least I can do is try to help her. Its nice to finally find a site that helps you instead of belittling you for not knowing every detail of a grow. I do what I can and learn as I go.


It’s very sweet of you to be growing for your wife. It sounds like you have a wonderful marriage.


I admire you man. Good luck with your grow. This forum is great. It will benefit your grow at every level. Rock on@LittlebitofTexas. :wink:


68 and a newbie
to growing my own


I really like these. You can rotate your plant easily. Re usable. Excellent aeration used 10 gal. this year. Thinking of up sizing to 12 gal. 5 afganny, 5 BB. Going to be even better next spring. I have learned tons from all these great people. I already have it all mapped out in my stoner mind.@BobWags


Welcome @Jblitz. Inside or outside? Its a lot of fun for me. Enjoy this forum and read, read, read. Great moderators will help you out. Just ask.:sunglasses:


I’m 57… retired and living in Florida like so many other transplanted New Yorkers. I’ll be starting my first real grow this week. I’ve grown a few decent plants from bag seed and impulse purchased grow tent and led light before. This time I’m putting it all together and planning it out from the beginning. It’s great to find a community of like minded people to share the experience and go to for their knowledge.


48 years of age, thanks to everyone here for my successful first time grow , so proud of my girls ~


Very good place to be @BigJon. Read, read, read. Ask any question you want. The people you will deal with in this forum have a true wealth of knowledge to share with you. You will grow MUCH better. Good luck man.


Hey. I’m 47 and knew here👍🏻 . Can anybody tell me what kind of dirt can I buy from Home Depot for auto flowering white widow


Hi. Welcome! Everybody has a formula. Going to refer you to a moderator for help @H146. @garrigan65, @Hogmaster . They will give you everything you need. Ask questions. Read the forum. Read everything. Good luck , good grow! :blush: