So how old is everyone here?


Wow! hockey player? I need three discs replaced in my neck. Don’t have $55K to pay for it. Keep doing natures pain relief. :yum:


28 and abit female in the UK, i started this for personal use. Im on my 2nd phote grow and have 2 autos lined up for the 3rd :slight_smile: im so glad i found this forum to be able to talk about my passion freely :heart_eyes: to be able to see all the marvelous grows people are doing, the help thats offered and just happy friendly place to be at.

Keep doing what your doing your all awesome :slight_smile:


Happy Belated Birthday. 59 here in Ga. Mountains


60 and will be growing inside outside and in my greenhouse now that Oklahoma has passed med marijuana


38 :slight_smile:


Happpy belated bday! Well I’m very old school! Starting growing at age 16 been doing it for 42 years now! Do the math and you’ll find out how old I am!! I have seen times change! For us old school pot heads it’s great!! Never grew inside! Always out side and with seeds from the baggies friends would buy! We grew mostly skunk.

  1. I think. Haha


Been a long day of supporting and smoking buds


37 years old with mentality of a 16 yo


Yo looks like I’l the oldest! 73


63, New member


Hope you had a great birthday! I’m 21, 22 next year!


I ma going to be 76 next month


glad to see somebody my age. I was growing for awhile in the 90s. Just started again with WWF in GH pro grower in a 4x4 room under 1 HGL 100 3000. The girls are now 11 days old.


I’m 25 and first grow to bad its illegal


I’m also in the UK so I know how frustrating it can be to have people to share it with as it’s still illegal here, growing for health reasons and personal use , I am lucky to have a few brother’s who know I grow and my son who i can talk to ,but your so right an amazing group full of like minded people and so happy to share


@Corso2 there’s a few of us N. Ga folks around here.


I’m older than the dirt I’m growing in!


Yes there are a few of us


I have done soil growing with pretty good success. Just need to keep the bugs at bay. If I need to use any Neem oil, etc, I just swish the branches around in a 6 gallon bucket with a cup of Hydrogen Peroxide and five gallons of good water. I found the hard water from our well was producing lackluster growth. Sine I switched to 6.5 ph spring water, and supplemented my two 600W LED light with a 100W HLG (available on Amazon), the growth is much better! Plants are 80% water, so it really makes a big difference.