So how old is everyone here?


Me too Brother/Sister!! Bet you’re gonna be 58 this year too!! /s

Born in '60 is just Cool… @Ozzimotosan1


Awww! And a Jerry fan too! We are BROTHERS!


I’ll be 57 in 2 weeks. Growing off and on since the early 90’s. I love growing. It’s the best therapy!!!:grin:


I agree. It stirs my soul to nurture plants, animals, kids, and my girl.
Very happy to live in MA where it’s legal now. Legal where you are?


LOL! I wish. That’s what tents, oil filled radiators, and cellars are for!


HOLY S**T!!! That is some extreme growth. How many? Or are they like a bamboo cluster with Mega-Buds?

  1. But I do have 35 years experience at it.


Birth days happen , I’m 68 . It’s when they stop happening we’re in trouble !!:roll_eyes:


58 here in Maine


I’m 68 too, currently living south of France on Med coast. :grinning:

  1. Geez young buck around here it seems, :older_man:t2::older_man:t2::older_man:t2::older_man:t2:


I am 67 and in severe pain from a narrowing spine and a pinched nerve. I am not having any surgery and trying to live with the pain. Last year, after riding my last horse, I had 5, a friend sold me 1/2 ounce of pot. I had not smoked in 40 years so the buzz sent me to lie down for 15 minutes. I got up to get a beer and realized that I was not feeling ANY pain. That small bag lasted a month and I bought another and then he moved to Colorado. I am trying to grow hydroponically without much luck. I have a small plant in a pot in a grow box. I would be happy to be a ‘Hardened Criminal’ just to reduce my pain. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


@Birdman. my first grow was in a grow box. bushy little girl. LST. had 8 big colas. now I’m in cloth pots for weights sake…62


Yup. Always good to wake up right side of the dirt brother! :blush:


54 and learning more all the time


Soo true !!


50 years old and I’ve managed to have a hip replacement already…otherwise still kicking ass.


Wow!! I’m 73


Bro Man, Bro.

  1. youngest one on here?