So how old is everyone here?


happy Birthday - sounds like you have a bit of experience !!! Keep on Cultivating


What a fun thread this was - I blend right in - I’ll be 57 in June! My life was “The 70s Show” - smoked daily through HS and college. Stopped when I started a family and only smoked once for my 50th birthday. Growing now for my adult children and their spouses. What a great hobby and this forum is amazing! Happy growing everyone!



6&9 are not necessarily true :hugs: just sayin​:smiling_imp:


Rugar89, new to indoor and ILGM but guerilla grew through the 70s,80s and 90s. This is my first indoor grow 2 weeks into flowering. Im 56 and smoked the first time (Kona Bud from a older friend who was stationed in Ca.) when I was 12YO. So yes we are out here my friend we are here!


56 going on 17! Waldo looks good!


That’s actually a difficult question to answer.

My passport says I’m 50, but I’m male so that means I’ve never matured above 15. And we can’t forget that a man is just as old as the woman he feels so that means I’m 32 in June.

I like the last one better…


Don’t be so down on yourself! Be glad you’ll never suffer from penis envy! Some cases are incurable!


As said in another thread, my motto and manner of living is tattooed on the back of my right calf.


I don’t do political correctness, yet arguably believe and promote TRUE “equality” more than those who are “PC” ever will.

And I know the chances are high that will be proven, with perfect clarity, in these hallowed halls, for I know that the chances are VERY high that, at some point, a comment will be made in a thread which will result in the filter between my brain and typing fingers overloading and exploding, and the “pure” original thought will flow like poetry, leaving half of those who see it “offended” and the other half laughing their guts out. I am an “Equal Opportunities Offender”, no subject is safe if that filter goes.

So, regarding the motto, I truly don’t because I know some things are inevitable, I should be given a “gimme” just to get it over and done with and see how creative I can be without actually personally insulting someone.

I’m amazed at my own restraint, after receiving the politest warning I’ve ever had from a mod even though what he edited my post to would actually be classed as more offensive on this side of the Pond than what I originally posted.

Proof, indeed, that the UK and the USA are two countries that are truly separated by a common language…


Now don’t take this the wrong way but you’ve got it inked on your leg and you’ve told us at least 3 or 4 times in such a short period of time it leaves me to wonder, who are you trying to convince that you don’t give a flol Serioisly though, you sound like someone who actually does give a f . And I’m with you 100% on the PC people who are phoney as f I’d rather be around people who are not pc but will defend another persons right to be who they are.


I guess it’s some sort of “subconscious warning”, maybe to myself, and I may not agree with you but I’ll defend your right to say it provided it’s within my terms of “decency” (which are pretty wide, tbh).

And I’d rather see more brutal honesty for various things than the current PC way things are being reported, but that’s another story.


This is a very cool thread. I couldn’t get all the way to the bottom without cheating a bit and scrolling. I’ll be 40 this yr, so I guess I’m the midpoint between the vets and the youngin’s. Lifetime smoker since I dunno, 13 or so; always wanted to grow, life never gave the opportunity. Straight NEWBORN grower, always wanted to. I do find it quells my anxiety/depression if I like kinda micro the dosage. A small blunt/big joint throughout the day, 3 intervals seems to settle me well. Nothing like the nonstop smoking I used to do at my peak of selling (late 90’s, these genetics are a whole nother beast-different plants). Alotta information here, it’s actually hugely comforting seeing the age, wisdom and experience of alotta posters. It’s never your age, it’s how you live it everyday. Surround yourself with love of your family and other stuff you love. Spend your money on experiences and not THINGS. Be happy everyday. It’s not about dying with a pile of money.

One thing I will add, It’s AMAZING what has transpired with the legalization movement. To see all these states fall to medicinal and especially to recreational; this wasn’t even plausible 20yrs ago. BTW, I"m in Ohio.


Welcome chief! If you’re looking to learn cannabis cultivation, you’ve come to the right place :slightly_smiling_face: Great group of folks here all willing to share their knowledge and experience. There’s genuine interest in helping each other find success, it’s too bad the whole world isn’t more like this.
I agree, watching the legalization spread is an exciting thing I never thought I’d see. I reached adulthood before I first used but both my parents smoked when I was a kid, my mom still does. She likes to shock the docs when they ask how often she uses mj… “as often as I can” she replies. She’s a living kidney donor, is on no meds, and has the thinnest file in the office so they don’t really have an argument for her! She gets super excited to go into a store to legally buy weed and is in awe of my grow.
I’m 49 and in Alaska.


I an a 1971 model, blue mountains australia . lifetime toker ,lifetime grower .


I turned 57 last November. Still feel like I’m in my twenties. Other than minor back pain when I lift too much, an occasionally sore knee (had some meniscus cartilage removed after it was torn helping a friend move) and a sore ankle, I’m fit as a fiddle. Been smoking weed since I was 16, at times not that often. Mainly when I was between jobs, or there was none around. I LOVE ILGM. I have five clones growing now, indoors and outdoors depending on weather. First batch was Pineapple Haze, second batch was Purple Haze. First batch had to get harvested early due to company coming for a wedding.
It was still very good. The second batch was PERFECT! I am in South Central Massachusetts, and living the dream!


Do tell :face_with_hand_over_mouth: How are you delivering to criminalized states?


Ha! Flagged the troll :crazy_face::crazy_face:


I’m 23, just a seedling…


I’m 47 for a few more months lol


I am a 37 year old male in the st louis area. Anyone else close to st louis?


Nice Camo…:smiley: