So how old is everyone here?


I did the new user tutioral on the Discourse Meta… @M4ur
More confused… . It is way above my pay-grade… .
I’ll just stay a member and concentrate on my Girls… More than enough to keep me busy.



58? Sence your son’s in his 20s


There is still a few of us old hippies around… :upside_down_face:


Well, in his 30’s but who is counting… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Am I close? @rodri59 don’t want exact but at least close


That’s a bingo! @Sirsmokes :slight_smile:


Sorry everyone… it’s not legal to grow in South Aus anymore… right? @Powaforce ??


Pretty accurate statement


Just joined! and I’m 63… been smoke’n since 72 but went thru a dry spell while working for the City… CDL holder… like for 20 years, random drug testing! now that I’m RETIRED… I’m BACK! lol


yup… same here 63 for me!


Welcome @Kajuntrax and great to hear the chains have been released! I dealt with the same testing issues, but no more! Congrats!


Thank’s to ya! it’s great to be back… and part of the 420 family at ILGM! Although I will have to wait until I grow my OWN to partake…


Ha yup ya so right! old memories give’s one time to reflect how things were! like you said about the 3 finger bag’s… stem’s and seed’s was frowned upon, wow I remember that jingle, yeah some good old C-Bo or Acapulco Gold was IT MAN… now the quality of the kind is so much more intense! $20 bucks would get ya an OZ… AH flashbacks! and not from the LSD… shroon’s either and had my share of both!


Most of us outside growers hibernate during the winter.


Haha nice one!


36 years old here and man it has gone by quick!!
Used to burn alot of herb as a kid. Rediscovered cannabis as medicine somewhat recently. I have had two major back surgeries and am in constant pain and cannabis has been hands down the best medicine for me. New to growing just started my first grow with some autos back in September 2017 and on my second grow now. Wow there is alot of life experience here with all of you older wiser folks. No wonder the advice and guidance I get here is always good.


I have several spinal fusions… L3 to S1…
The high CBD strains really helped the “Breakfast Cereal Dance” Snap, Crackle and Pop… LoL
Your on the right track,…
MJ most definitely gave me Quality of Life,…
Lots of great people here who happly share their grow experiences…


Hey everyone. Been gone for a while but I’m back.


Last grow harvested on 10th November. White Widow. Very nice smoko


Welcome Back!