So how old is everyone here?


I’m 48. Man the 80s rocked. Which was the last time I grew too.


Evening folks. Been a while since I visited this thread. I’ll be graduating from 56 to 57 quite soon. On my second indoor grow. I used to grow in the nineties!! Many many things have changed and suffice to say, this ain’t your Daddy’s marijuana these days!!! Glad to be associated with you all. Take good care.

  1. First grow! Solid 15 year user


I turned 51 this past July.

I don’t know what happened. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


It’s been suggested in some circles that the Dr. dropped me so hard on my birth the day prior, it may have been responsible for the Great Alaska Earthquake. I’m 53.


61 here been smoking over 45 yrs. this is my first time growing indoors. HAVE A GOOD DAY YOU YOUNG PUP!!! lol


40yr for the newbie over here.


Hey @Rugar89 I just found this thread… I’m 58 turning 59 on 1/10. I’ve been smoking since 1973 & growing up in south Texas meant there was always good smoke. Back in the day we wanted ‘shake’ & remember singing “No stems no seeds that you don’t need…” Now we’ve grown up and recognize the power of the BUD!! Not to mention the 3-finger bag for $10!! :sunglasses:


53 nice to be back to growing I did it as a kid through out the woods where I lived times sure have change now I don’t even have to go outside although I grow inside and outside.


60 here… I’m a Stage Four Cancer survivor, Hep C in USAF… and an industrial accident in 96 (spinal fusion L4-S1) pretty much ended my working career…
Couldn’t handle the “Narcotics Train” that seemed to be the VA’s answer to everything…
Threw out pills… Use only MJ now and I couldn’t be happier…
I love this forum… I have learned way more than I could ever imagine…

Kudos to Robert, Claire and the rest of the Hard-Working ILGM Staff… You guys are Awesome… :+1::v::dash::sunglasses:


Just wait to see the rest of us my friend :+1:
Happy New Year!
Uhhh… You are a very old member :joy:.


Yep… I earned every gray hair and wrinkle… ROFL
Actually it’s not Gray… That’s 100℅ Homegrown "High-Speed Chrome’ LMAO


Do you have a journal? :smirk:


Yes… . I’m not sure how to post the link, so I’ll just tag you from my journal… .


The Title is “Building a BIGGER grow room”… .

Still Breathing-Still Learning… . :deciduous_tree::dash::sunglasses:


63 for me…64 in June


Half here @Capt_Seeweed only 31 :laughing:


What is the meta discourse tutorial?


If I can find the link I’ll post it in my grow journal,.


It’s about trust levels of members.