So how old is everyone here?


So glad you found the mj,and it helps! Don’t know you from Adam but man glad your still around. @rod


well said @Nug-bug and I echo those sentiments @Rod


Love your post… @bob31 … yeah it’s a joke when you can’t legally grow or smoke. I recently got a criminal conviction of ‘possess prohibited drug’ for half a gram of leaf! In NSW a state of Australia, where if i went 1000km to South Aus another state, i could grow a couple of plants legally. I’m 35.


Cool post :sunglasses:

I’m 48 and just starting to have some wisdom kick in :smile:
I am a newbie to growing, my current batch of 4 plants is my second (serious) grow. A few years ago I grew a plant in the bathroom closet, in dirt, under a cheap florescent light, with nothing more than rain water. I think she gave 10g, and I didn’t know about curing then.
I lost interest until I recently had opportunity to acquire a tent and light, along with space created by my only child flying away. Now I’m quite obsessed :wink::v::green_heart:


Well after going thru the list, I think i might be the oldest here.I am 66.


@Fepony Well, guess that makes two of us then. 66 myself. A newbie grower for the most part though I had grown some back in the 70’s. Stealth type not cared for, just seed scattered and then went back a few months later… Got a little, not much, and maybe a little better than the usual mexican bag. And never heard of curing then. Then didnt do anything till now as far as weed was concerned.
Hobby for now to grow some good stuff to help with med issues. Pain and arthritis mostly and battling depression. Since starting this hobby and talking with folks here, the depression isnt near as bad as it was. The great folks here took me under their wing to help with my grow. And I enjoy a forum where there is little if any battles or flaming. Makes for a nice place to hang out. Reason why I have left other forums.


64 this month myself and just getting back into this for just the same reasons and same results as you :blush:. I’m hoping that down the road I can be a good contributor here after I learn and experience more. In the meantime, I’m probably studying more here than I did in college :rofl:


@SmoknGranny Welcome to you. Yea, the pain and other stuff gets to us at this age. And the meds they try to give ya alot of times only makes things worse. Reached the point where I simply dont trust the docs or their meds.

As to studying. I have to agree. Done more of that than I think I did as you, in college. Bought a dozen books on the subject and mags and read everything I can find. And of course…remember squat. :rofl:


Welcome to the old folks home then guy. 66 here and a few others in their sixties. I think you just might be the old man of the hills in this crowd. :grinning:


I’m %) years old for a few more days

I’ll make you look at your keyboard if anyone cares :wink:


Thanks for all the replies. I am a legal grower now. I grew for 15 years indoor. Moved off grid 7 years ago. Been growing legal for a couple years outdoors. Pain and PTSD meds.


Isn’t that the truth :rofl:


I already knew that


Do you take short-hand :wink:

waiting for “no, but I learned in high school”…


Yep :+1: and have forgotten how to. I only had one job that I used it for before technology took over. :blush:


HA! Nailed it!



I’m old! I’m lucky I remember my name :rofl:


@SmoknGranny You too, huh? I have to refer to my notebook to check what my name is. And can never remember my address. Have to keep an old letter at my desk to refer to when I need to put my address on anything. Now THAT is bad. :laughing:


<----- applying online right this minute for my SS benefit @ age 66 in a few months… ARGHHHHH, I am OLD! :rofl:


Good luck. happy sailing. :zzz: :beer::beers::writing_hand: