So how old is everyone here?


Topo Gigio…



“Oh Eddiiiiiie”


66yrs young, first time serious grower long time smoker.
Like cats, pats and kayaks


What kind of Pats? :football::football::football:


The kind that kicked ass down in New Orleans Sunday,the GOAT, the NEW ENGLAND PATROITS. Which i see u are a fan of also.


Very good! Welcome to the forums! @carlie I was opening night and it was hard to watch! Yesterday was better. The injuries continue to mount so every week is going to be a struggle, but that’s football!


But as in the past"NEXT MAN UP” should get er done.


Loving seeing the older folks here. I turn 67 the last day of this month.


Happy early Birthday :tada:. I’m going on 64 next month IMG_0569


64and still smokin’!!! @SmoknGranny


Awww thanks :kiss:


18 over here… so I guess this is pretty young ^^


pretty young to be named @JedSanders…lol


36 lol. And my name is Roy too!


64 here as of july something


TB #12 = the G.O.A.T


48 here. And I am a complete noob. I smoked weed once at a party back in 1993 and never again until last year. I don’t know anything about different kinds of highs or anything about different strains (yet). I guess you could say I am s legal-ish abiding citizen.

Interesting side effect from starting a weed habit: I have lost 38 pounds since I started smoking weed. I think it’s because of two reasons: the first, I drink far far less. The second, I don’t really snack out of boredom anymore.


38 here. Been smoking for nearly 20 years and finally got the cojones to grow.

And @Bogleg I usually lose my appetite while smoking. Give me a couple of beers though and I’m ready to eat everything in sight!


Same here! Basically I forget to eat. :wink:


I’m 73 next week and my wife is 61. My wife is a cancer survivor and I have major issues with back and hips. Without our marijuana, I would be dead by now because I wouldn’t have been able to manage the inflammations and pain that comes with it. I came very close to suicide but this wonderful weed saved my life.

I was introduced to marijuana in Munich, Germany while serving in the Army way back in 1964. I’ve been smoking ever since. that’s 53 years.