So how old is everyone here?


Don’t answer if you don’t feel comfortable giving your age out on here. But just thought it might be interesting to see the ages of the users on here that are considered “Hardened Criminals” for growing a little grass for personal use by most of the World.

I will start. I’m 55 years old. If fact TODAY is my birthday, which I guess is why I got curious about it.

Lowryder auto,AK-47 auto and gold leaf photo all in one tent!

@Rugar89 I was going to ask about the birthday cake. Happy Birthday my friend!! I’m 50.


46 here…

And happy b-day. Enjoy the rest of the day (raises bowl and nods head)…


Thanks @Zacchara I’m willing to bet that there are more users in our age group and up, then there are from the younger crowd.


I was thinking the exact same thing. Nothing against the younger people, but I like seeing a lot of people in our age group are doing this.


@Rugar89, happy birthday! I’m 52 years old…brand new to growing, I’m an older newbie


I’m 30 guess I guess I’m in that young group


That doesn’t matter @MysterA LOL 30 was a very good age for me!


Im a old school newbie at 55


Hey @Rugar89 happy birthday again!


I’m 57 and I am so glad to have returned to my 70s roots!

I know for a fact there are several 70 year olds here and I talked with a guy yesterday that was 77 here on ilgm.


29 here

Happy Birthday @Rugar89


Thank you @jasong Thanks for responding!


Happy birthday @Rugar89

36 I am.


Happy Birthday @Rugar89. 51 years young in this corner.


happy b-day i am 46


37 on this end of the word


Happy bday @Rugar89! :cake:

I’m 35 myself :slight_smile:


@ILGM.Support.Roy TY Roy!


Happy birthday my man, over 21 under 25 here


(Feel like am ilgm baby after flicking through)