So, often do you smoke?


@Oak, I agree. Og Kush is more of a head high and the White Widow is more body punch. It also depends on what you want out of your harvest. Some timing and you could get Og Kush to mellow.


Strawberry Kush is my favorite. It calms me down and I’m able to relax. I also have arthritis and severe anxiety.


I posted some charts in Medical section that might help. I am a medical user as well.


@mesitisg I use a pipe and only smoke at night when I am home. Usually 5-6 puffs per night does the trick for me.


@Fepony …can you send me a link to these charts?


@Kapelady sure here ya go CBD/THC Pinwheel


HalfGram a day. 10 times and more. Nothing fancy. Maybe when i get sometimes curing week 3 then less, quater g,Thats how much curing can help you.


Strawberry Kush is great for daytime. It can cause serious paranoia though. It can make you feel great in the head. I don’t smoke but a couple of times a week @Oak. I have the some of the same problems as you along with debilitating low back pain from nerve damage. People in my situation usually do better with edibles and tinctures. We need the body high from the high THC and CBD we grow.