So, often do you smoke?


Hey fellas… I am curious. If you are smoking for medicinal purposes how often do you need to smoke? I have always just assumed it is daily…maybe a few times a day, lol… but when I was doing that it was for purely recreational purposes.
I have arachnoiditis, stenosis, sciatica, spinal arthritis and spinal neuropathy…and arthritic hip, a knee with no cartilage, hyper tension, and a pituitary blocking tumor in my nugget…oh yeah,…add in some anxiety, depression, minor ptsd, and insomnia…
damn… that kinda scares me to see it all listed out like that, lol.
The “Doctors” keep trying to give me these nasty chemicals they say will help me, but when I read up on them they do not look very helpful…Neurontin and paxil both mess with your brain chemicals and every time I have taken anything in the past that does that I start hearing evil voices in my head…so I avoid those whenever I can… psychotic axe murderer is not a chapter I really want in my memoirs.
my plan has been to grow an upbeat type smoke for daily daytime use… been looking at the “white” weeds mostly… then have some kush handy for evening use to help with insomnia and add an influx of cbds…y’all think that is a sound plan? what do you fellas smoke for various ailments and how often? Do you need to smoke daily to manage chronic pain or can you smoke only a few times a week? How about if I go on a weekend trip with the family, can I leave the smoke at home and be okay or will I need to keep a few hits handy?
I realize there can be greater benefits to oils and hash and such but in my particular state any type of concentrate is an automatic felony…the penalties for weed alone are severe enough…do not want to compound the risk if you know what I mean.
anyway…sorry it is such a long post… any advice, suggestions, or discussion is appreciated. Thanks.


From what I do and have read, medicinal is roughly two grams per day. I smoke to stop phantom pain, night terrors and hyperactivity mostly. Also cuz I like to smoke obviously. I can go about three days without before the sleep time benefits wear off and nightmares return. For the phantom stuff and nerve pains I have to smoke daily to keep them on the back burner.


thanks for the input Stomper… I have had run ins with night terrors… no thank you, they aint no joke…I feel for you brother.
I was thinking a 1/4 oz a week would be good for pain,…but obviously your experience says otherwise… looks like I was only half way there,…probably gonna have to build up some tolerance, lol…especially if I learn to grow top notch smoke when my seeds finally arrive.


I have sciatica, herniated disc, migraine due to the back /nerve issue, fibromyalgia. Also chronic rls and horrible muscle spasm and cramping in my legs . That said I’ve smoked daily for decades. …stopped for 15 years…got this all happening as of 2008…I find its more beneficial to smoke daily a few times a day…just like 3-4 good hits I’m good on pain for usually 3-5 hours…depending. good luck and hope it helps you as it has me.


I would go with kush during the day and gold leaf during the evening.


isn’t kush generally a higher cbd strain with more of a “stone”?


Not sure about that. This is OG Kush which I harvested about a month ago and it is what Bergman said, " It is known to contain the highest THC level of all Kush strains. The effect is very energetic. This is why OG Kush is not very suitable for those who prefer to smoke before heading to bed." It is for daytime. It is an energetic strong high and not a couch lock strain. Hope this helps.


Forgot to mention that it is a speedy high


excellent…have not read up on the OG Kush…sounds like a winner.


I had a three level spinal fusion done back in Feb of this year…depression a bit and anxiety from being home all day everyday since then… And for me to be happy go lucky all week I try to keep up on a oz a week… More if I plan on making a good batch of edibles lol… But with money issues that’s been hard to keep up on until I harvest lol


Yes and the gold leaf will knock you out! Period…right before going to bed and night night! I would be sleeping all day if I smoked this during the day which I have done accidentally only to take a four hour nap. I had a 4 level spinal fusion several years ago and then fell 7 feet from a ladder onto concrete a month ago and fractured the area above the fusion. Been through all the stuff that you have taken and the pain was still horrible. So when I told the doctor that I did not need pain killers because I smoked cannabis…he looked at me and asked does it really work and I said absolutely because you don’t build up a tolerance like you do with synthetics (you just need to rotate between strains). I have my card now but I like to grow my own. I am into the 12th week of flowering of my purple haze and that is another strain that will be good for the day. I will let you know what I think after drying and curing.


outstanding…been interested in the purple haze, because… Jimi… also interested in the pineapple haze/express…
I much prefer the energetic, creative, social type of buzz as I am a fatass these days and I couch lock enough on my own… but I do get insomnia so I need a smaller amount of a lockdown type smoke for night use… plus ya never know,…if it is the right smoke I may be able to smoke it during the day and it just “helps” me sleep at night.


my nephew lives in the emerald triangle… just let me know that the seeds he is sending me will be Purple Huckleberry… its a kush… but apparently a more energetic kush than most,… but also high in cbd’s… allbreed says it packs 19% thc… so it is fairly well balanced… I am interested to get some going and see how it is.


This year I’m lovin the ILGM Super Silver Haze during the day. I have the bong right at my desk and take a hit whenever I need it. Great daytime smoke. I switch over to Royal Madre in the evening . ( My harvest from last year )

This year I’m growing more SSHaze and some ILGM Super Skunk that I hope will be a nice change of pace for the evening.


I have been wanting to order some ILGM SSH too…looks like a great daytime smoke.


Hi I am also new to smoking marijuana for medicinal purposes. I have as huge a list of back problems as you do including degenerative disk disease, ruptured disk, etc. In other words, I am lucky I can still walk. So I have been on Vicodin, celebrex, and gabapentin…a lot of gabapentin 5 times a day at 300 mg! So when Massachusetts voted to legalize marijuana, I thought that I would change my meds and get off of most of my meds and smoke weed instead. I started the day after Thanksgiving and each week I stopped taking my meds. I have not taken any Vicotin since I started and I have reduced my Gabapentin to 1 a day starting this week. I do not smoke weed during the day (driving, etc.) but each night I have about a total of 4-5 puffs and not all at once; a couple of puffs around 6:30 and then another couple of puffs around 10:00 just before bedtime. I am sleeping so much better and I have noticed that I am more stable in my walking. I haven’t fallen since I started, which was a problem before on the meds. I am sure that everyone has a different system of smoking or eating weed; however this seems to work for me. Oh and if I am having a bad day and am not going out I will have a few puffs which seems to do the trick.


Good t hear how much it helps you. What do you usually smoke?


I smoke to alleviate my depression, anxiety, ptsd, and other medical problems that cause pain and it mental stability. I smoke anywhere from 3 to 6 times a day depending on what I have to do, like if I have to get out in public. It happy to know that there are so many out there that benefit from this herb. Usually each session takes about 2 bowls and that’s good for me.


@mesitisg …I usually have about 4 tokes per night.


Daily user here. I use indica to calm down and sleep.