So how good are led lights for real

are led actually better then hps or is is just because they run cooler please help me understand

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There are LED’s and then there are LED’s. If you look at newest high end Samsung diodes, the luminous efficacy is more than double MH/HPS. And in a more targeted spectrum with far less heat. The standard for MH/HPS has always been 50 watts per square foot but these new lights are closer to 25. That said; they use other numbers to tell you how they perform.

Plus; the panels are cool enough that you can slam them down on top of the plants. That helps get good canopy penetration.

I’m running first generation Samsung diodes in a diy setup and even those blow away MH/HPS in every category except heat generation lol. I did a run that worked out to 1.25 grams of flower per watt of electricity which is amazing. These new lights are much better than that.

You can find all kinds of charts and graphs online but remember the brands that meet this performance do NOT come from overseas. Someone on here saw email traffic from Samsung that said they have no customers in China, for example.


i paid 830 uk pounds for a MAXIBRIGHT Daylight LED 660w PRO Grow Light and i put a light tester under it and its less than hps, oh i bought 2 by the way 1660 pounds

i just want me plants to grow in veg with a good root system and they are growing slow

Be patient Bro they don’t take off till week two usually I use a wakyme led light and with both options on my tent is hitting 90°f

Ull be ok man. Give it some time i remember u posting about getting the light. It seems like a fairly ok light should get u a nice haul with them. Im having issues with a few of my plants wanting to get going also. Its just something in the air bud. Be patient. Got any pics to post and share ur progress and what ur setup looks like


Mark have u grown autos? Need a question answerd

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Yep have 2 in flower now and 2 just starting flower. Whats up

OK I use a wakyme LED light with Samsung diodes what is the max temp in Fahrenheit for blueberry auto she’s in week one of flower but have seedling in next to her. The reason I ask is with both veg and bloom on my tent is hitting 90°f

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What kind of exhaust do u have. For small plant u can keep the loght dimmed down low and keep the loght closer to the plant no need to blast it now. Try if u have a dimmer turn it down to say 30% and maybe 24" the seedling u r def gonna wanna watch hot intense of light gets it so u dont burn the cotys. Keep the seedling under a dome sprayed if u can til leaves form a bit and can handle the light more maybe. Have to get a vpd chart and go from there on temps and humidity. If u cant get the temps down ur gonna have to try and keep the rh at a certain level for optimum growth othsrwise it will be a slow grow. More heat will mean she dries out quicker too so watch the watering also if in dirt or soil do the weight test if shes heavy leave her be. Vod chart will really help if u cant get temps down below 85 atleast id google vpd chart and follow one of them to get numbers in line

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With both light on rh is 50 to 55%

and they were like this 10 days ago


thanks for your assistance #Mark0427


Looking nice keep it up. Keep posting pics as they grow we all like watching them grow also.


Thay all look great. I like the future setup in the room. One day soon you will go in the room and be blown away by the size. Kinda seems like that happins to me all the time.
Once it starts theres no turning back :wink:
Really looking forword to future photos on this grow.
Happy growing…

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thankyou very much #hippieRunner

From what I saw on eco farm site it has plenty of power at true 660w input. Spectrum might be geared more toward flower than full spectrum veg-flower. Looks a little light on the blues for veg

what do you mean when you say “power at true 660w input”

He means it can actually pull 660w from outlet. There’s a lot of false information or misdirection from LED grow lights, particularly on Amazon. They will name their 3000w, but it will actually only pull 130w or less from the outlet.

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Exactly how @Bulldognuts described it. I bought a couple in case of emergency blurples on amazon. Both say 600w but only draw 125 watts. That’s OK based on the reason I bought them. They are also good veg lights.