So how bad is 12/12 going to stunt her?


I need to get rid of my CFL flower box, going to grow carrots, and she is in it at 18/6. I’m going to put her under the hydro at 12/12, c99 photoperiod and that stubborn nla are here. How is this going to affect her? Should I look forward at the c99 and be happy with her?

I’m just sad that I couldn’t run her and see the results at the end

Whats going on man. You have to shut that whole part down or just switch her light over to 12/12. Not sure if its an auto which is why your concerned. If it is then the 12/12 is gonna definitely gonna hurt. Not the end of the world just not as much yield. If its not an auto and you have a decent flowering bulb then going to 12/12 is fine. Those budlets are ready to flower.

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@SativaStone I moved them all 12/12 now. The auto has been budding for 4 weeks and didn’t want to mess with her. I read that switching to 12/12 makes her yield lower. Just bummed that I couldn’t leave her, but I need the ac and charcoal for new.

First auto and now going to focus on photoperiod, something in know and know what to expect. Found out autos at a crap shoot.

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I am kind of sorry I didn’t get all autos for my first grow just because they are so much quicker to the finish and I’m dry until they finish. :hushed:

@Givemefire its not the worst thing in the world just again as you know lower yields. You gotta do what you gotta do for sure

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