So, here's the plan


Great thought process! @BigJon. @Drinkslinger. End result must justify. Do your home work 7 P’s, I love it! :sunglasses:


:incoming_envelope: Woo Hoo! :boom:

Only 5 days from clicking that bank transfer button to seeds in hand. Great service! Thanks ILGM.


…and they’re soaking now.
Fresh Bud Light glass just seemed appropriate!


Made your weekend @BigJon. (Huh) Soaked mine for about 20 hours and then put ‘em in paper towels. 11 for 11 100% success rate. Threw em’ in Rapid Rooters 6 popped up today. Watching your thread. Will give you a tag so you can follow my grow as well.


I’m here :+1:t3: Sorry, I’m stoned


Well, they soaked for 24 hours in RO water with a little splash of H2O2. I stuck them down into 2 peat pots inside a homemade seed starter contraption. They’ve been outside in the sun during the day and I bring them in at night…


Today, under 5x magnification, I can see that the baby girls are almost ready to show their faces!


I can see the head!!! :joy:


Good :rofl::joy: Head


LoL y’all are too funny :rofl::joy::rofl:



You have a good basic but, solid plan. The only thing I am wary of is the fact that Foxfarm nutrients buffer to a very low PH, especially for soil grow, and you will have to always add PH up. I buy the powder PH up from General Hydroponics.

I could not find the powder on Amazon but, I found this and it works just as well:

This is cool for a beginner to get started without too much expense and get some tools to boot…


And the down is HIGHLY recommended. I always over shoot when adjusting. Its a fine art


I have a HTG Supply Store only a few miles away. They sell everything but the seeds. I’ll be picking that up on my next visit. I also need to figure out my water situation. I’m on well water, so I can use it straight from the ground or softened and filtered. Or I can just keep filling up my 5 gallon jugs of RO water at the store for $1.50.


I buy the pH Up by the gallon size. I use my well water it’s 112-118 ppm & just subtract it off the feeding ppm numbers


I have well water also and was trying to decide if I need it to buy water when I start my grow. When you say you subtract it from the PPM, how does that work? Do I also need to PH test it also?


I just checked mine outside (pre softener and filter) and it’s 382ppm.
I think I’ll buy the RO water at Publix


Just an example: Let the water run 3-5 mins and take the start ppm, today 116. Then add your nutes and test mix, today 1680 - 116 = 1564 ppm for todays feeding. Then pH Up added to bring it to 6.5 and fed the girls. I forgot it was a feeding day, and I didn’t bubble my nutes overnight first, no biggie; but my gals LOVE that added oxygen boost.


Always test the ppm and pH before you water. If you bubble overnight, pH before you feed, cause those numbers will change. If you pH it the day before, promise it won’t be the same tomorrow. I wait, don’t wanna waste adjusters needlessly.


Thank you Budbrother. I knew about the PH testing but wasn’t sure how the PPM played in. I did get a TDS meter today so I could check it