So far....week 6 flowering

So far so good . Because of my lighting mistakes earlier on ive had to move the plants out of the tent into a closet space. Week 6 of flower. While my other 2 plants are kinda of dragging behind this one is treally blossoming!!:heart_eyes:
So my question here is …how much longer do i go before harvest. I was figuring somwhere early june, but wanted to get your takes


Early June sounds about right. But could go to end of June. Depends on strain. Looks like u are about 3-4 weeks into flower? Are u saying 6 since preflower?Looks like an auto? Really need more info to help properly.

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Yea those look like at the most week 3 of flower I’d say you still have 5 to 8 weeks left

Started 4/1. Big Bud. Have had to fight the elements since moving out the tent. ^ weeks since i went form 18>>12. We were away for a 2days and for some reason the lights were out when we came home:tired_face::tired_face: So i went ahead to flowering after 7 weeks.

Ok as I thought. U r counting the 2 week transition period from veg to flower. So U started flower around 4/15. That makes more sense. Depending on the strain u will finish anywhere from June 10- July 8. If this is an auto u will b closer to the June 10 range. If it’s a diesel closer to July 8. Best answer without more info.