So far so good for my first grow indoors

Hey folks! I haven’t received my HLG light yet but I’m making due with my Viparspectra so far. It should only be a few days or so that I’ll have to do this. Please excuse the color of the photos, it’s obviously from my light.

I’ve got California Dream in 7 gallon Smart Pots and Northern Lights in 5 gallon Smart Pots. All started together and roughly 2 weeks old now. I’m growing in FF Coco Loco and am not giving any nutrients as of yet.

Temperatures for the CD are 78 daytime/68 nighttime temps. NL temps are 72/68 day/night. 75% humidity for both roughly.

I’ve got small stationary fans to move air around and inline fans for air exhaust mounted high up and good fresh air coming in through 6” vents as low as possible.

Not terrible I think. The broader leaves are CD and narrower leaves are NL. Have a look and let me know.


I forgot to mention, I’m watering with tap water ph adjusted to 6.2±

Watering roughly every 3 days as medium dries about an inch down.

Difficult to see in that light but height wise they look fine. Humidity is a bit high though. My NL auto is ready for the chop. RH was around 75 and one of the colas had bud rot. The high humidity was definitely the cause. Otherwise things look ok. A picture in natural light would let us see how healthy they look as you can’t determine that with the lights you have

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Updated pics with hopefully better lighting. There is definitely a yellowish stippling on two of the three NL and none on the CD. They’re not growing in tent together and their environmental parameters are totally different. But they’re watering and soil conditions are exactly the same. (First 2 pics) Narrow leaves are NL and (last pic) broader leaves are CD

But they all look like they’re growing quite nicely and even with the lighting as it is so far, they’re growing with some vigor. The 5th set of branches are pushing out on one NL

Maybe these pics are better? Better angle and color to show the discoloring. Again, only 2 of 3 Northern Lights have it. One is growing at the same rate but displays totally green foliage.

Yellowing has reduced dramatically. I’ve begun fertilizer and CaliMagic as well as ArmorSi. I also installed the HLG 300 V2 rspec over my California Dreams as well as a 260 V2 rspec over the Northern Lights.

3 in a line are NL, 4 in a square are CD. All have grown dramatically in a week and look much better. I topped one NL and FIMd one and left the third alone. The two larger CD I topped.

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Lookin good :+1:

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Not perfect, but getting better. ScrOG net setup on the Northern Lights a day or so ago. Bending and sorting and trying to get them into their own spots.

I’ve got to get runoff readout because I’ve truly got no idea. But from the last photo a week ago there’s definite measurable growth.

I’m not sure if I mentioned previously but I’m using GH Flora series and GH CaliMagic and GH ArmorSi. Ph of nutrients has been roughly 6.2 but the last time it was 6 even. I’m going to go to 6.5 the next time based on what the Grow Bible said about slightly varying the ph (I think that’s where I read it).

Temp has been consistently in the mid 70s to low 80s

Quick update:

Last week I flipped lighting to 12/12 on both strains. This is the latest set of pics. Kind of happy with my results so far. Top pic is Northern Lights and bottom pic is California Dream.

Any red flags that anyone can see?


Lookin good :+1:


They’re looking good. Going to get really busy in there shortly :sunglasses:


Yup. I’m a little nervous. They’re growing like crazy now. In full on stretch mode


So I’m getting closer to that day…

Check out the girls and please let me know what you all think. I’m new so any input is helpful and welcomed.


They’re looking really good!

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How far off from that day am I?

Getting closer. I know a million people have asked this and I won’t be the last. But one of my main issues is that I’m color blind so gauging this is tough. Am I a week or two away or more from harvest?


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Any input? I’m sorry to cold tag you all but I need help with the trichomes

No worries. I would say maybe a weekish… You’re in that zone where I religiously start checking daily, but it looks like you still have a lot of clear.